Waiting on Peaches


This is our lone little peach tree. It’s got a couple other fruit trees to keep it company (pear and plum and cherry) but we’ve only the one peach tree. And I love peaches. This one is called a Frost Peach and is supposed to grow well in our cooler area. It’s a hardy little tree and has been giving us peaches for about ten years now.

I’ve found out that peach yields are somewhat cyclical, with a three to four year cycle. Last year, we got enough peaches for two pies. The year before about the same. But the year before that, I made several pies, ate peaches for days on my cereal in the morning, and we canned 12 quarts to last through the winter.

I know you probably can’t see it well, if at all, from this picture, but our tree is totally full of little, baby peaches. It might be another summer of pie baking for me if they don’t cull themselves. And I am SO hopeful.

I’ve chatted in the past about how liquidy my peach pies turn out. Someone mentioned adding a little cornstarch, so I’m anxious to give it a whirl this year and hone my pie-making skills. Although, I don’t think I’ll ever make a pie as good as my mother’s apple pie. But it’s definitely passable. And I can hardly wait.

Grow, baby peaches. Grow!


17 responses to “Waiting on Peaches

  1. I’ve always wanted a peach tree and we’ve tried a couple of time but they never made it. Peach pie is my very favorite. I use tapioca as a thickener. I use quite a bit as I like the filling with it in there.

    • Oooh, that’s right. I remember you mentioning tapioca. Okay, so I’ll try one with added cornstarch, and one with tapioca, and see what I live best. Thanks for the tip. And, umm, you’re always invited for dessert. 🙂

  2. Interesting Laurie our Frost Peach is loaded this year also and we fm had about three last year so let’s just keep talking to them and maybe–peach pie this year .

    • Ooh, I’m talking. cajoling, and whatever else is needed. Anything to keep them on the tree until they’re just about ready. I hope your tree yields a LOT of pies, Nancy!

  3. I always use tapioca too. I love peach cobbler~yum, yum. I think you have to go out and sing to the tree Laurie…at least that’s what I once heard. As for me, I’m waiting for my strawberries so I can make strawberry/rhubarb pie.

    • Sing to the tree? Good thing it’s in my back, back yard, because I can’t even sing in the shower. Lol. I hope your strawberries come in soon, Linda. Ours are getting close…

  4. I envy you all your green fingers. I barely get to keep my flowers blooming, let alone fruit and veg!

    • I so do not have a green thumb. The plants in my house are gasping by the time I remember to water them, yet they still live. 🙂 My hubby’s the one keeping the trees and garden thriving, thank goodness. 🙂

  5. YUM! Sounds great. I’m hungry now. I don’t want to wait!!! 🙂

  6. Must be lovely to pick your own peaches. Never had peach pie, sounds yummy. Cornstarch or arrowroot should help, or perhaps ground almonds?

  7. Valerie J. Patterson

    We had two lovely peach trees on our property a few years ago, and they bore the sweetest, most delectable peaches ever. Can’t buy a peach like that in the market. Then, sadly, lightning struck one of the trees and split it right down the middle. It seemed like the death of that tree made the other tree too sad to live and we had to have them both removed. Sad day indeed! Laurie, I hope you have a bountiful crop this year and your pies are fabulous!! 😛

    • Oh, no! Your poor trees. And you are so right about home grown sweetness. I hope you replant one of these days.

      • Valerie J. Patterson

        I have considered replanting. I also would love to have a Pomegranate tree in the yard, but nursery after nursery has told me our winters are way too harsh. Bummer!

      • Oooh, a pomegranate tree? That would be cool. So they need warm climates, eh? I’ll have to suggest that to my husband’s cousin, who lives in Guatemala. 🙂

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