GetAttachment[1]As most of you know Jim and I are avid softball fans, (and football, soccer, and basketball).  Softball, of course, is in full swing so we have been sitting at a lot of ball games the last few weeks.  My Fitbit reminds me that I need to be up walking but watching softball is really more fun!

The last two weekends our ten-year-old granddaughter has had softball tournaments.  They play U10 which is for girls under 10.  They have girls from 8 to 10 and are doing extremely well, placing first at both of these tournaments.  Each of these young girls are very devoted to the game and are very serious when they are on the field.  My granddaughter had little to say after winning a big tournament over the weekend.  After a two hour trip home on Sunday night she crawled into bed, looked at her parents and with a BIG smile said “We won!”

I love the attitude of these little girls but I think what impresses me the most is the attitude of their parents.  I have yet to hear one complaint from any of them, not about the coaches, the play time, the umpires, nothing but good clean cheering and sometimes even for the other team if they make a good play.  Not one of them bad mouth their own kids or kids on the other team.  I think they are setting a very good example of sportsmanship for their children and for other spectators.

Enough!!  I have to tell you we are dog-sitting again with Andy.  He is our friend’s Lab/Hound cross and is like a silly little boy.  Jim and I spend a lot of time just watching him run around.  He is very clumsy; falling over his own feet as he chases Daisy around the field (she tries desperately to ignore him).  The one thing I do when Andy is here is cover my couch so he can sleep there.  Now this is also where little Missy likes to sleep.  All can be perfectly quiet, Andy sound asleep and I hear this little growl coming from Missy.  She will just keep on until Andy looks up, gets ready to move and I  get on Missy’s case.   Missy will take on every big dog but if they challenge her she will run to me for protection.  Such a crazy little dog,  Jim and I wonder what entertained us before she came along.

We have a green house full of plants that need to go into the garden this weekend so guess we will be staying home with three dogs and a garden.

I hope each of you are having a great spring.  Andy and Daisy also love to share my bed!!GetAttachment[1]


8 responses to “SOFTBALL AND PARENTS

  1. It’s always fun to catch up on the doing’s around you, Nancy. I love Daisy’s attitude. “Mine.” 🙂 And I remember the days of following kids and grandkids around to games. Now our school-age grandkids live too far away for us to go to games, but they’ve got a huge group of respectful parents following them around, so it’s all good. And I’m with you. I love a cheering section that yells and screams positives, not negatives. 🙂

    • Good sportsmanship certainly makes the games more fun!! Glad we are still able to travel with her. Fun!!

  2. Another happy post to have that first cup of coffee with. Andy is a lucky guy to have you for a puppy sitter. Bet he’s beginning to think of it as his other home. Kris takes Remi over to Bill’s when she goes to work so he too has another home. Wish every dog and cat had it like this.

    Wonderful on the games and parents. It makes you feel good to see this next generation getting such an amazing start.

  3. I absolutely love that the parents are supportive without being mean and ugly acting. So many times that’s not the norm. Glad the girls are loving it, too (And grandparents).

    have fun with the puppy-sitting. So cute on the bed! Jillian

  4. Oh, those lucky pups getting to lie on your bed! And it’s so nice to hear that good sportsmanship prevails, Nancy. A lot of professionals could take a leaf from their books.

  5. It’s great to hear that parents behave themselves when watching their offspring play sports. Lots of junior teams here have banned parents from the sidelines because of their aggressive and abusive behaviour, particularly towards the officials and referees. Crazy people setting bad examples to their children.

    No wonder the puppies love it at your house, getting to sleep on that big bed. Lucky pups indeed.

    • I really don’t like them on the bed but it’s easier to put a blanket over it than to fight with them. Daisy thinks it’s hers and we just borrow it.

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    It’s refreshing to hear that parents are behaving themselves at a game. It’s difficult enough when a team is struggling in a game but parents sometimes make it even harder. Good to hear they are encouraging even to the opposing team. 😛

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