I’m Baaaaack!

Hobbes here. Jillian has been a grumble-puss around here for the last couple of weeks so I decided to help her out and tell you what’s been happening. She had some issue with her tooth hurting and had to have two separate oral surgeries 6 days apart. Since the woman thinks she’s never going to have another pain-free day and keeps moaning about it, I took pity on the poor soul and took this task on to give her a chance to rest. Aren’t I some kind of awesome? Wouldn’t I make great hero material?

photo-27Anyway, I’ve been having a really successful spring. I’ve caught quite a number of moths and flies. They’re great fun to chase around. Lizards are also a particularly fun kind of prey. Jillian thinks I look like I have a mustache when I bring them in to her- with the head sticking out one side of my mouth and the tail out the other, I think it makes me look suave and debonair.

Jillian was not happy with me the other night though. I was excited to bring her my latest prey (after all, I am a great hunter and gatherer). As I leapt up on the french doors to get her attention, I knew in my heart of hearts that she would be pleased with my catch of the day. Imagine my shock when I came in and dropped it at her feet and she squealed, “Eek, Hobbes has a big ole frog. Get it, get it.”

Well, that was some how-do-you-do. Here I was, giving her a gift and she was flipping her wig and carrying on like a crazy woman calling for the man to come get the toad. Guess what I did? I batted that reptile (the frog, not the man) around for a second, picked him back up in my mouth and returned to the porch. Who needs the ungrateful wretch? I was hoping my present would make her feel better with that pesky tooth. Humpf. That’s gratitude for you. Heck, she probably won’t even thank me for handling this post for her.  What do you think? Is Jillian  unreasonable about my gifts?



16 responses to “I’m Baaaaack!

  1. Ah Hobbes so nice to have you back. As always loved your posts. Sounds like you’ve been a busy cat. And, yes you are definitely hero material. Not sure about the gifts though. But then don’t they say it’s the thought that counts and you certainly have your heart in them. 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind welcome back, Lavada. I am busy,busy. AND yes, indeed, my heart is in the right place. Poor Jillian doesn’t get it. Hobbes

  2. Hobbesssss!!!!! Dude here. Man, been a while since you checked in. I was getting a little worried about you. I’ve gotta say, these humans just don’t appreciate us. Mine just up and left me for two whole days. INSIDE. With the sun shining! Yes, they had someone stop by and say hi, feed me, and make sure I’m okay, but geesh…a cat has to keep an eye on his domain or it’ll get taken over by some…dog or something. (Shudder!). So I get you completely. Humans just don’t appreciate us. But we can make them pay. I am currently making quite certain I get a lot of pets and treats. After all, I AM the injured party here. Sounds like you deserve some treats for all those nice gifts you brought your human. High paw, cat!

    • DUUUDE, my friend! You are absolutely right. We BOTH deserve mega treats. AND how DARE they leave you alone like that. I hope you recover from the trauma soon. That’s a tough situation to be in especially when the sun is out. MAN! That’s criminal. And yeah, you gotta watch out for those pesky dogs- they think they are hot stuff. Hang in there and milk (haha, i said milk) those humans for extra treats! Hobbes

  3. Ha! He sounds like he’s related to my Scooter Pie, who complains about being unappreciated. He thinks we should raise his allowance too.
    Nice post. Send a hello to Hobbes.

  4. Hobbes, Tonette’s tabby Mercy here.They simply don’t appreciate our consideration! For instance, last night, after she had a particularly trying time with a broken-down car and a long tow truck wait, I slipped past her to go outside to get out of her way. Apparently, she has this thing about me being out after dark. I kept coming to the door to let her know everything was cool, however, she kept expecting me to walk back in! You think she’d have gotten the idea after the first four or five times, but , no. I really don’t like to be out for long, though.It’s not like I wanted her to go to bed or anything, but gee, she was going to have to get up really early anyway. , After a while she came out with vanilla ice cream, (do you know vanilla ice cream???). I’m not sure exactly what happened next but when she put the bowl down next to her, I came to get some and she picked me up.It wasn’t so bad going in, since she gave me the ice cream. I bet you understand where I was coming from, (or going to, and coming from, and going to…)

    • What is this ice cream stuff of whence ye speak? I have not had the privilege of such a thing being served to me. I want to know exactly what that blasted Jillian is holding back on me.
      I, too, never come in when expected. It’s something we must do to remind them WE rule the roost. Not them. Poor things. They think since they pay something they call a mortgage (whatever that may be) that they are in charge. Pfft, silly humans. Hobbes

      • Vanilla ice cream??? The epitome of DAIRY. I can smell when they take it out of the freezer and open the box. I will not allow anything to continue in the house until I am given some. One word of caution: it may be habit-forming.

      • I shall have to get my laws on some of this delicacy. Thanks for the heads-up.


  5. Oh, Hobbes. You are such a handsome fella! But Jillian could really do without those ‘gifts’ of yours, sweetie 🙂 How about a nice big cuddle now and again instead?

    • Ahh, see, Tricia, she might want a cuddle instead but she needs to know I’m the one to decide when that happens. She has a bad habit of stealing hugs. 🙂

  6. Hobbes, Bunny here. Have missed you, my old mate. Was beginning to think you’ve done a runner. Am sure deep down Jillian appreciates your little gifts but humans sometimes have a poor way of showing it, particularly when their nashers hurt. Give up on the gifts for a wee while and try lots of cuddles and leg winding instead. PS: have tried the ice-cream stuff. It’s yummy. Smile sweetly and you might get some too.

    • Nope. I didn’t do a runner, Bunny. Jillian wouldn’t let me near the computer. She seems to be better with the gnashers now and I haven’t brought any gifts. I DID consider a cricket I was playing with but I let him go. I’m still working on getting some of that ice cream stuff. Hobbes


  7. Valerie J. Patterson

    Dear Hobbes, Silly Human here…I think perhaps you should leave the frogs outside and instead maybe try bringing Jillian a cricket or two. Lot less frightening! LOL 😛

    • I’ll consider it Valerie. But it’s so amusing to hear her squeal. It’s quite funny and I wish I knew how to work that recorder thing she has. I’d put it on you-tube. Hobbes.


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