May Spring has to be around the corner

I keep thinking we’re going to get spring weather, but so far it hasn’t happened her in the Pacific Northwest.  We’ve either got rain, or unseasonable warm weather.  Summer will be here soon.

But even though we haven’t had a lot of spring weather, or at least what I consider spring weather, everything is blooming.  My trees are getting leaves and starting to fill out.  The cherry blossom trees have already bloomed and died.

Rainier cherries will soon be in season and I can’t wait for them.  Along with all the summer melons. I do love summer fruits.

So to celebrate – you know it’s coming here’s a Penny picture:

This one is her after being outside.  She came inside and flopped on her bed.


And this one is her waiting, somewhat impatiently for me to open the door so she can go out.


Have a great weekend, everyone.


5 responses to “May Spring has to be around the corner

  1. Ah, summer. Bring it on. Love the Penny photos, she is such a sweetie.

  2. She’s adorable. I hope you get some nice weather soon!! Love the cherry blossoms – glad you got to enjoy them! Jillian

  3. As if on Que. We have sunshine and it looks like its going to stick around for a few days. I love this time of year when it seems the world blooms. The picture of Penny is what I do after working outside. Except on the couch.

  4. Keep the Penny pictures coming! And hubby’s with you on the Rainier cherries. His favorite! Me, I’m a raspberry freak. 🙂 Enjoy this nice weather we’re having. I am!

  5. So far summer seems to have forgotten us in the UK. It’s 1 June, I’ve winter sweaters on and the central heating. Love cherry blossom. Love cherries even better! And love the pictures of Penny – she’s a sweetie alright. 🙂

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