First Week of May and Sales

The first week of May has seemed to offer more and more chances for retailers to run sales. This has been one full week in my email inbox. May 1st is traditionally May Day and of course, there were sales for that. Mother’s Day will be the 10th, so there have been sales circulars full of perfume, purses and clothing for dear old mom. May 4th has recently (in the last few years) been called, “May the Fourth Be With You” day in honor of Star Wars. I confess, I hadn’t seen sales advertised for that day until this year but I bet I got over 15 emails from different e-tailers touting their sales for the 4th. Then, I get up on the 5th and guess what?

It’s Cinco De Mayo day and that means sales emails again to celebrate this day. How crazy is it that each day in May so far almost is a reason to shop for something? Is the retail world in that much trouble? They are going to badger us to death trying to get us to buy, buy, buy. I’m not much of a shopper so these ads are bugging me.

Does it bother you like it does me that once you buy an item, you get on the mailing list and get emails forever and ever thereafter? For instance, I bought my husband something online for father’s day and now I get two emails a day from that company wanting me to buy something else. Um, no. Leave me be, please. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the sidebars on FaceBook that show up if you look at an item on line.

What kinds of things annoy you in your inbox?


16 responses to “First Week of May and Sales

  1. I am the unsubscribe queen regarding all the sales emails. And yep, there’s been a definite uptick in them over the past week. I even have one store I refuse to shop at because, after my husband went in and bought me a Christmas present, I started getting all these emails saying “you bought this, so you might like this…” and it wasn’t Christmas yet! They let the cat out of the bag because he gave them our phone number which they had tied to my email address. I sent them a “thanks for ruining the surprise” email back and stopped shopping there. I guess we all have our coping mechanisms? Lol.

    • Bummer on those people with the Christmas surprise. That is WRONG, wrong, wrong. I have also unsubscribed numerous times and it almost seems to act like a “send me more” button in my world because I do tend to get more when I do that. BOO!

  2. I hear what your saying but hadn’t really given it much thought. I’m an expert with the delete button and have email that does a great job with putting posts in junk. I’ve had them for years so the program is pretty well educated now. I have wondered about their advertising budget and if all the post are cost effective. Especially as I ponder how to self market my books.

    • I love, love the delete key! Sadly, I have to use it a lot! LOL! AND yeah, I wonder if it is cost effective. Wish we had a magic wand to make something work on marketing our books!

  3. I’ve been trying to unsubscribe to a lot also. Places I haven’t ordered from for 8-10 years and I’m still getting occasional emails.
    My best unsubscribe was last night. I started following a new blog and yesterday got emails about 15 new posts – in less than 24 hours. 15? REALLY? Good Bye!

    • Whoa, Trisha. That was surely a goodbye in that new blog follow. I hate it when that happens. AND I agree about unsubscribing to places that I haven’t ordered from in forever. It seems to work for a bit and then they are back again. As for one place, I’ve never in my life bought anything related to golf but I am somehow on their list and they will not take me off.


  4. Thank heaven for the unsubscribe button! What really irritates me is when I do a google search and then get bombarded with ads for the item I’ve been searching for. As for the sales? One furniture store here in the UK is permanently advertising the last few days of their sale! They really do think the buying public is stupid.

    • I agree totally about the ads after a search. pain in the neck! AND Macy’s over here always advertises their “one day” sale EVERY SATURDAY with a “preview day” EVERY Friday. It’s not one day if it’s two and it’s every week. Nuts.

    • Sounds like the old MFI stores – they always had a permanent closing down sale that went on for years. It’s the ones that say “Sale ends Monday” but never say which Monday! lol

      • LOL! Yep. There’s a furniture store in my city that has had people on corners holding “going out of business” signs- FOR YEARS! Seems like false advertising.

  5. I’ve learnt that after I’ve trawled the internet searching for goods, I empty my cashe and history file off Google for that day. It seems to stop many of the ads that you get inundated with. I’ve also set my email to send most of the these buy me ads straight into Trash file. Works most of the time but I do have to check my Trash file daily to make sure I haven’t missed anything important but it saves having to use the delete button so often.

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    My e-mail program is excellent at sorting spam from real e-mail so all I do is browse the junk folder and then delete permanently and all at once. I’ve been told that when you unsubscribe from certain companies they sell your e-mail address to other places. I think it’s a “go ahead and unsubscribe so I can make your life miserable” tactic.

    As for facebook…all you have to do is “opt out” of that program and the ads will disappear from the sidebar of your home page on facebook. I opted out a looong time ago and I never see ads. Plus, it’s a little bit like “Big Brother” for them to follow your searches and then bombard you with crap.

    I’m also considering finding a new search engine. Google takes far too many liberties with your information. 😛

    • Oooh. Thanks for the info on the FB opt out. I’m going to do that for sure. And yep, I agree about Google AND unsubscribe. I hate unsubscribe because it then tells them there’s a real person there.


      • Valerie J. Patterson

        Exactly. When you hit unsubscribe it tells them they have a valid e-mail address. Kind of like answering your phone to a solicitor. Your number s randomly dialed by an auto-dialer, but once you answer it, they know for certain it’s a valid phone number and keep trying, plus let others know it’s valid. Vicious cycle! 😛

      • It is for sure. Agreed totally. Now they know they hit pay dirt.


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