Gazing Globe

image-10This is the first time I’ve had one of these globes. From the first time my cousin came over to help me with the yard she has insisted it needed a gazing globe.

The trouble with my yard is that it gets some really high winds. I can just see myself chasing it across the yard. So to keep it safe it’s on the porch right now even though they are mostly put out among flowers and plants. In a few days the clematis behind it will bloom and the flowers and globe should make quite a picture.

We purchased the globe at huge Bark & Garden shop and I was really surprised at the selection they had. Just about every color you could think of. Umm may I need to get another one.

It is said that Kings from France to the Netherlands demanded that gazing globes be put in their palace gardens. They were thought to bring prosperity and good luck. Wouldn’t mind some of that. 🙂

As with so many other things, gazing globes found their way to America. Around the early 20th century they became a symbol of wealth and success here. Today they are a familiar ornament in many gardens.

I don’t know about bringing wealth and success but I do know mine is a beautiful addition that I’m enjoying.


13 responses to “Gazing Globe

  1. Waaah. I want one! Been eyeing them for a couple years and I just need to commit and buy one, darn it. Lol. I love the touch of history tied to these globes. I didn’t know that. And yep. That prosperity would be nice. 🙂

  2. Come on down and I’ll take you to this terrific Bark & Garden store. Lots to choose from.

  3. Very pretty. I’m surprised you get a lot of wind with the fence there. Still your yard is very pretty.

    • Thank you Nancy. Certainly a lot smaller than the other one. We seem to be in a wind tunnel here. Hearing stories from other neighbors about how lawn furniture has been tossed across their yards makes me a little wary. One of the reasons for the type of patio I put on.

  4. Ooh, pretty. Wouldn’t mind one of those. I hadn’t heard of them before, but anything that’s said to bring luck and properity is worth a shot.

  5. I, too, haven’t heard of gazing globes before. Am now wanting one, although mine shall have to be anchored down as we, too, suffer from strong winds here. Lost count of the fence panels we’ve lost over the years. Am off in search – could do with some luck or prosperity. Both, even. Thanks for the enlightenment, Lavada. And enjoy your garden. x

    • Let us know if you find one. I tried last fall but didn’t see any. The Bark & Garden store had a really large selection of balls and stands. This one is doing well on the porch where it’s not in the direct wind.

  6. I have one and love it. We have to bring it inside when the hurricanes come but it has been out there for many years and hanging in there. I’m glad you got one. I didn’t know about the kings and good luck but I’m going to start rubbing mine now as I go by. 🙂

  7. Valerie J. Patterson

    It’s lovely, Lavada! Steve wants one for our garden. We’ve been looking at them for about a week now. They have some lovely ones that absorb the sunlight and then glow in the evening. We are leaning toward one of those. Honestly, I was amazed at the huge variety there was to be had! 😛

    • I was surprised at the variety too. This is my first one. Send pictures when you get yours would love to see what you get.

      • Valerie J. Patterson

        Will do. I was telling Steve about yours and now he’s more determined to put one in our yard. 😛

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