newgoatAfter the amazingly mild winter we have had it’s hard to believe that spring is here and we will be in the high 70’s later this week.  We actually enjoyed the last couple of weeks of rain, plus we really needed it.

I decided I had to share pictures of the baby goats that are growing sooo fast.  My son and his family have been bottle feeding the triplets and their manners are awful.  He made a box that holds the three bottles and calls it their “table manners box”.  They love it and can’t drink until they are all standing still and he tips the box. Maybe they are going to have table manners one of these days.  The twins are growing really well and get fed by their mother so may be growing a little better than the triplets.  Then there is Zoe who was a single birth.  Of course she is growing the fastest and maybe has the best personality.  My granddaughter, Jamie, loves them and now they all have collars so she can catch them.  Zoe looks like she may make a great showmanship goat and absolutely loves Jamie.  I am as excited as Jamie about getting them out to some fairs this summer, but maybe that’s because I love fairs and can’t seem to stay away. My excuse, of course, is that it gives Jamie and I some alone time together and we have a really good time.

Speaking of which, it seems that our grandchildren are growing up faster than our kids did, which was way too fast.  One grandson is 25 and I still text him when we go camping and tell him I wish he were 10 again and I could just pack him up and take him.  We also have two 20 year old granddaughters who are finishing their sophomore year of college.  One of them will be going away to college to play basketball for two more years.  We are super excited for her and hopefully will be able to travel to see a few games.  Not sure how I will keep Jim from going to every game, but seven hours is a little drive for one ballgame in the middle of the week.  Hopefully she will have some tournaments where we can watch several games.  The other granddaughter will be staying locally again next year and working on her teaching degree.  She is going to make an amazing teacher and is so excited about her classes.  Then we have a sixteen, almost seventeen year old grandson who has an amazing sense of humor. He just got back from Outdoor School as a counselor for sixth graders.  His title was Bill Nye, the Science Guy and dressed the part every day.  He is so much fun! Then there is Jamie who is ten, and will keep us busy for several more years.  She plays softball, basketball and soccer, and does gymnastic, so always a lot going on with her, as well as all the work with the goats.

Hope each of you has a great spring.newgoat2


7 responses to “SPRING IS HERE

  1. As always, I love your monthly posts. And, what an amazing family. I’m so happy I have the privileged of friendship with you and Jim.

    I’m ready for a little 70 temps. I thought I was going to freeze yesterday. And, I really really really need to get outside and get some work done. Knowing the Pacific NW we could be complaining of the heat before we know it.

  2. Loving the family catch-up, Nancy, and those adorable goats!

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    The pride and joy shines through your words as you “speak” of your grandchildren. I believe they are just as blessed to have you, Nancy! 😛

  4. Love the goats! And such great news all around on the grandkids. Congrats to them all on their endeavors. I know you are enjoying them. JIllian

  5. What a lovely family you have, Nancy. It’s such a pleasure to hear all about them, and the four-legged members as well.

  6. Great pictures and always enjoy catching up with you and your family. Lovely post.

    • Thank you Kit as you can tell most of our social life is with the Grandkids!! They are growing up fast though.

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