Daily Archives: April 13, 2015

Surprise Visit

bunny02Easter was just over a week ago and I got up a little late. It was a beautiful morning and I have a few spring flowers blooming adding to the joy of the day.

Still a little sleepy I started a cup of coffee and while it was brewing I glanced out of the window and saw this big beautiful bunny. We have a lot of wild ones over at the other house but this one was a lot bigger. Seeing it was a surprise as I have a six foot wooden fence, and except by the gate it is a pretty snug fit at the bottom.

So a nice visit to start the day and a new week. Sometimes it is the small things that make me stop and think what a great world we live in. And what better day then Easter for this little guy to make an appearance?

We’ve been talking quite a bit about Spring but it’s hard not to when the whole world seems to be in bloom. Talking about the bunny… I did find where he had done some nibbling on the plants. Oh well what’s a little pruning in comparisome to the joy he brings as he hops around the yard. I can’t seem to get a picture and haven’t seen him for a few days so he may have moved on to another garden.