April – its Tax Time

Another month has flown by.  I think I blinked and March was gone.  It may have been that I was deep in editing my last book for my publisher.

I finally got my taxes done, I’m usually much better about getting them done by the end of February but this year everything is off. I won’t say that’s unusual because lately I’m more off than on 🙂

Not much going on in my little world right now which is a good thing because sometimes I think life just likes to throw things at me to see if I can duck or not.

The weather is turning more spring, except now we’re getting rain, even occasional hail, and snow in the mountains. I don’t think mother nature got the message yet. We needed snow a couple of months ago.

Needless to say, my little Penny isn’t happy she can’t go outside when it’s raining.  Well she can, but usually she just sticks her little nose out and then looks at me like “what is that wet stuff?”

So to brighten your day – of course Penny pictures:

This is her on a day it was raining outside:


And on my desk when she wanted my attention:


Have a great day!


7 responses to “April – its Tax Time

  1. OMGosh, I LOVE Penny pictures. I think we should make her the OTBF mascot. She is such a cutie. 🙂 She gets up on your desk to get your attention? Oh, and our cat, Dude, hunkers down in a fit of depression when it’s raining, too. Hmmm, have we made our pets TOO domesticated? They sure seem to love having a roof over their heads…and food in their bowls. Lol. I hope you get to enjoy April and it doesn’t fly by!

  2. Penny pictures are so good and I can relate to the one under the covers. One nice thing about rainy days is nap time. Hooray on getting your taxes done. Like you, Feb is tax month for me so I don’t think to much on them by April. And, I always take care of the property taxes in one swoop as I’m always afraid I’ll forget the second half. Have to compensate for memory or lack of.

  3. Agree with Laurie – Penny for mascot! She’s such a sweetie. As for tax – am glad I don’t have to worry about tax forms and such any more. Enough to make anyone want to crawl under the covers and hide. 🙂

  4. Penny’s got the right idea about hiding under the covers when it’s raining outside. What a sweetie she is 🙂

  5. I agree with Tricia- Penny is very smart on rainy days!! She’s adorable.

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