Reality Television Redeux?

So, with the onset of the new season of reality televisions shows kicking off, I figured it was time to finally figure out who watches what. Do you watch any reality tv? We watch Survivor and Amazing Race, but not much else. And there are shows that have us scratching our heads and wondering who watches them, like Marriage at First Sight (marrying someone you’ve never met…until the wedding day). Hmmm. Or Wipeout. Ouch.

Hubby and I have had many discussions about what reality shows we think we’d be good at (if we were younger and in better shape). Since he’s a bit, umm, outspoken, we figure he’d be the first one voted off Survivor. And I don’t race well. I’d be in a panic 24/7 on Amazing Race trying to push us to go faster, get further. So that’s out for me.

Big Brother? Too much drama.
Biggest Loser? Well, even if I do respect the heck out of how hard those participants work, I just don’t think I could put it all out there like that.

Hubby never has figured which show he’d go on, given the opportunity. For me, it would be a short-lived, defunct show called The Mole. This was a bit of a travel and task show, but one of the participants was planted to quietly foil the group’s attempt to earn money. And the participants had to figure out who the mole was. At the end of each segment, whoever answered questions about who the mysterious mole was with the least accuracy got sent home. This kind of intrigue appeals to me, so yep, I’d be giving that a chance.

How about you? Is there a reality television show you’d participate in, given good health and age (and depending on your marital status, if you’re into The Bachelor or The Bachelorette)? Or do you change the channel when anything like that comes on? We swore we wouldn’t get hooked on Survivor, but we’re planted in front of the tv each week, watching and arguing. Lol. Do you resist the siren’s song of reality television?

15 responses to “Reality Television Redeux?

  1. Loved this mornings post. It took awhile to get into reality TV shows but then it got to where they were something that Jack and I would watch together and I finally got hooked. He watched Dancing with The Stars but I never really got into it so rarely watch it now. I liked Max so would watch as long as he was still in the running. Same with Bachelor series, but I watch as they get closer to the end. Love Survivor, it’s my favorite. Next Biggest Loser and Amazing Race. Big Brother is okay, I like the competition.

  2. Fun post, Laurie! I’m a big I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here fan, and watch Strictly Come Dancing. If I could ever go on one show, it would be Strictly *sigh*. Also used to watch Dancing on Ice which fed into my secret desire to learn how to ice skate. Here in the UK, they had a show on a couple of years back where people went to the North Pole and did amazing things in freezing conditions. I was very much hooked on that, although I hate the cold and would never want to take part.

    • You definitely have some different reality shows on your side of the pond, Tricia. I hadn’t heard of any of the ones you mention. I’ve watched a couple of Alaska reality shows and those were really interesting. I liked learning about survival in tough circumstances.

  3. Great post. I can’t stand any reality programmes – I feel they are too false, more a case of humiliation TV rather than entertainment so I always give them a wide berth, although I do admit to enjoying Dancing on Ice when it was on. Just call me boring… 😉

    • It’s not boring to decline to watch others in discomfort. I’ve cringed at some of the fights on Amazing Race or Survivor. There are a lot of people who are probably making the same choice as you, Kit. 🙂

  4. this post made me laugh. I avoid reality tv at all costs. Having so much reality in my day job, I am all about the fiction and no drama when I am at home. LOL- MY cousin LOVES those bachelor shows and we were once on a trip when the final one for that season came on- She HAD to watch. I was on my bed with the pillow over my head trying to block it out and she kept wanting me to engage with it and I just was counting the minutes until the hour was over and then,,,,and then… and then… there was ANOTHER hour called “After the last rose” or something like that. I was almost ready to hurl myself out the window then. Longest two hours of my life, I kid you not.

  5. Oh, yes, those “after” shows can catch you by surprise. For the few shows I watch, I like the “after” as I get to see the participants in a different setting. I am VERY glad you didn’t do a window dive, though. 🙂

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    I do not watch reality TV. I can’t stand all the bickering, the lying, the yelling, the tantrums, etc. Steer clear of all of them. If cooking shows count as reality TV, then I admit to watching Master Chef JR where the chefs are 8-12 years old and I love the talent they have to take foods they have never heard of and make the most amazing dishes! 😛

    • I’m kind of afraid to turn the Food Channel on, because there was a day a while back when I checked out HGTV, which is all about buying and renovating homes…I am HOOKED and worry the same thing will happen with cooking shows. Lol.

      • 🙂 I got hooked of HGTV too. But they are easy as each half hour is a different show.

      • Valerie J. Patterson

        LOL, Laurie! The Food network is very addicting, just like HGTV. Beat Bobby Flay is good cooking fun. I suggest turning on one show to begin. If you go all in, you may never leave the TV. 😛

  7. Amazing Race, I love a paid vacation around the world (or even hang out around a location if I’m eliminated early), even the challenges might be tough.

  8. Hi, polisi25. Thanks for stopping by. Yep, I’m a huge Amazing Race fan, but some of those challenges? Yikes!

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