Finding Joy

Jillian here. I know we don’t usually talk about our writing journeys over here but I wanted to share the most recent things that have been happening to me in my writing life that are helping me find joy again in my daily life.

I went through a bad several months of sadness and feeling listless and low. I’m normally very upbeat and when I’m not, people notice and badger me so while I was putting a false face on each day at work and home, I was sad inside. There was no real reason for it and to this day, I don’t know why I lost my joy but I did. I was never in any danger of harming myself but I didn’t feel like there were any new mountains to climb or exciting things on the horizon.

This was when I started seeing cardinals almost every day and that helped me through that darkness to some extent but I still couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. Being down is so not my norm.

I decided to get back to work on the young adult series I’d started and that character helped make me laugh again. She’s irreverent and sassy and says whatever she thinks. She’s very much a stream of consciousness kind of gal and writing her helped pull me up a bit. I couldn’t help but laugh at her escapades and trying to be clever in the dangers she faced pulled me out of myself and deeper into my creativity which usually brings me happiness.

Once I’d turned that story in to my fabulous editor (whom you all know and love- Laurie), I started on a Regency era novella. I’ve been approached to write this with a group of others for an anthology and being as it was only 20,000 words and not due until September, I started messing around with a character sketch of the heroine, never dreaming she would be so awesome that I’d immediately fall in love with her moxie and daring. She reinvigorated me and completed the job the YA heroine had started. I wrote that 20,000 words from one Tuesday to the next. AND I now have ideas for two more stories with this character. I’m excited to dive into two more novellas with her as well as the Christmas story and book three of the YA series.

It seems the joy I thought I’d lost is back. I’m feeling energized again and my mind is happy and engaged again. Some of this could also relate to having spent time with my oldest son for five days after an absence of a year (physical absence, not estrangement as we always stayed close in our emotional life).

But it’s amazing how our hobbies can help us pull out of a downward spiral, isn’t it?


12 responses to “Finding Joy

  1. Yay for you, finding your mojo again. 🙂 And I’m betting that time with your son was the thing that opened the joy-box wide, although you had the pieces in place and were tapping away at it. 🙂 It sounds like you love keeping your mind (and heart) busy. I’m betting that gets you in trouble sometimes (aka TOO busy). Been there, done that. Well, I’m glad you’ve found the fun again and LOVE that you are writing strong. 🙂

    • Yeah. I like to keep busy. Always have. I HAVE learned to say no though but am amazed at how often people don’t want to accept that response. AND I did love my time with my son.

  2. Loved your post this morning. Like you I’m not into mood swings but have been going through some of what you describe. It’s encouraging that it passed for you. And, finding your joy in writing is a blessing for all of us will look forward to hearing release dates.

    • I hope your low point passes soon, Lavada. It’s hard to be in that frame of mind. I will be praying you find your joy again. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. So pleased you’re feeling good again, Jillian. Spending time with your son was precious, and writing can really pull us out of ourselves, can’t it? Having something to disappear into for a while is the best therapy for those down times.

  4. Am so pleased you found joy again and that you are feeling upbeat. I know that down feeling and it’s hard to move on so I equally know how delighted you must feel when joy and life comes springing back. Hobbies, and especially writing are such a great escape. Looking forward to reading your novels. Hang in there. 🙂

    • Thanks Kit. I’m glad to be back too. It’s hard to drag yourself through the days that are dark and sad, isn’t it? And you’re right about hobbies helping us come out of the funk.

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    So glad you’ve regained your creative spirit! Hope spring inspires you for some time to come, too! Days seem so much brighter when our creativity is flowing freely.and our outlooks are positive. 😛

    • Thanks Valerie. You’re absolutely right. Now, if I could only find that joy in my day job. I feel not so much joy there right now. Lol


      • Valerie J. Patterson

        It is so very difficult to achieve a balance at the office. On the days I am feeling worn out and stressed, I try to sit on the porch of the courthouse (even in the cold, though not for long 😛 ) or take a walk or eat my lunch in the park. Hopefully there is some quiet space/place you can escape to once in a while that will bring some peace AND joy into your work day.

      • Thanks Valerie. I’m going to try that porch thing. Actually odd for a bit yesterday.


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