Puppy Update

It’s been a while since I did an update on life here at Puppy Central and the comings and goings of our guide dog puppies. Last year we seemed to have wall-to-wall puppies for boarding, with only a few breaks between to grab some time away. Not that we’re complaining, as we adore every moment – well almost. So I thought you might like to know what’s been happening to our little charges:

WoodyRemember Woody? Well, he went into training and took to it like the proverbial duck to water. At first the trainers had problems with his recall. He was never one to come back when there was a better offer around, like another dog to play with. But they managed to train that out of him and he is now a qualified guide dog. His new owner adores him and they have made a lovely team. Well done, Woody!

UshiThen there is our lovely Ushi. She was a sensitive little girl when she was small, but matured into a confident little lady. Like Woody, she qualified fast. Now she is working with a lady who recently lost her husband and older guide dog. She says that Ushi is her precious companion and it seems the two are inseparable. Ushi still has her lovely smile to greet people, and is much loved.

Whispa 7 months Sept 14What can I say about our lovely Whispa? Other than AJ spoils her when I’m not looking? Well, she is very spoil-able, and such a sweetie. Whispa is due to go into advanced training in June. Like Woody, she also has problems with recall but I’ve every confidence they’ll be able to train that out of her. She was recently spayed and didn’t have too good a time of it. We couldn’t free run her until she was healed, of course, and she struggled to cope with the lack of exuberant exercise. She is a high energy girl and loves to run and play. Having got the all clear from the vet, she is now happily off on her adventures in the fields and woods again. We’re hoping for another visit (or several) before she goes off to training.

photo0809Then there’s our little princess, Vivvy. Our cheeky girl! Nine months old now and too adorable for words. She’s always up for a cuddle and a play, but can be a stubborn little madam. I love her with a passion.  She’s just come through her first season, so is due to be assessed for advanced training in a couple of weeks. The only problem will be her sensitivity to noise. She gets worried about unusual or unexpected noises and backs away. The problem is that she doesn’t react to any noises in particular, so it will be difficult to pin down. She also shies away from going into the pet store, and makes a dreadful fuss about it. We’ve got our fingers crossed that she might grow out of it.

Sandy, Beauty, and Emily are all in training and appear to be doing well. So no doubt we’ll have good news about them soon.

We’re so proud of all our little charges. They do such an amazing job.

12 responses to “Puppy Update

  1. What an awesome little family of friends and memories you and AJ have created, Tricia. I know you are so proud of each of them. I’m sitting here tearing up at the idea of having to give them wings and let them fly. I don’t think I could do it. It’s such an honorable and good thing you do. Thank you. 🙂

    • Thanks, Laurie! We are very proud of all our little charges, and it’s great to see them doing so well. We get a lot of fun and joy out of having them, even for a short time. Thanks for your kind words.

  2. Absolutely beautiful pictures. You should think about making a calendar for AJ for Christmas with their pictures. We’ve done that a few times and it’s always a treasured gift. And, their stories. Thank you so much for giving us updates and sharing. I’ve said it before … You and AJ are very special unselfish people that make a difference in not only these special dogs but in the people they grow up to serve.

    • Aww, Lavada. You’re making me blush! Thank you. Funny you should say about the calendars. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years via Vistaprint. Have also made a collage of photos and framed it for our hallway. It’s quite the talking point when friends come to visit.

  3. What an amazing experience for you. I used to have 4-H kids that did the bore-training for guide dogs, it was extremely hard for them to give them up. We took them everywhere and I always had dog hair in my car!! Such a rewarding experience though.

    • I can imagine how hard it must have been for the children to give them up, Nancy. We have a couple of puppy walker friends with children who get very distraught when the pups have to leave. It’s bad enough being an adult and letting them go. And as for the dog hair…I can’t imagine my car without it now 🙂

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    I don’t know how you do it, Tricia. How do you give them all away? I’m sure it helps knowing they will become part of a very noble doggie profession, but still. I’m sure they worm their way into your heart with their warm eyes, soft coats, and eagerness for cuddles! Thanks for the updates!! 😛

    • I have to confess it’s very difficult, Valerie, but I console myself that they’re heading off to a life where they’ll be treasured and precious companions for people who really need them. If I didn’t think they’d be happy, I’d have to pack my bags and run off with them! But they each take a huge piece of my heart with them, and then the next one comes along…and off we go again.

  5. Awww so wonderful. These wonderful pups are going to do so much good in the world and for you guys to be so lucky to have a hand in that is awesome. Well done! Jillian

  6. I know how much fun and enjoyment you and Adrian gain from these adorable cuties and it’s lovely hearing how they are all progressing. You are lucky, and those doggies are more than lucky to have you in the lives. Memories to treasure. Well done and long may they continue. x 🙂

  7. Thanks, Kit. Memories to treasure indeed.

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