Science Fiction of Yesterday

droneWith drones in the news these days it has made me think back to when I was a kid and read Sci Fi comic books. So many images in those books could be actual photographs in todays world. Some that come to my mind are:

• Sky lines – looking back on some of those futuristic drawings of cities there are a lot of similarities.
• Cars – and the driverless ones that have been in the news.
• The airport with it’s transit trains to get from one concourse to another
• The computer – The big mainframes were depicted and of course terminals of today
• Robots, I think of the floor cleaning ones and in fact I’m thinking of getting one.

There are so many things out there that seem to have walked out of a Sci Fi authors mind and into reality. One article says that Microsoft, Google, Apple and other firms have brought in science fiction writers to give talks and meet with developers and research departments. Some have even hired authors to create what-if stories with potential future products.

I love technology and I’m glad to be living in this age but it can be scary when you think of some of the other things that todays Sci Fi authors are writing like Hunger Games and Diversion. Ummm maybe I need to go back to Twilight and vampires. They somehow don’t seem to be as scary.

11 responses to “Science Fiction of Yesterday

  1. I both love and hate technology. Love it when it works and, well, you can guess the hate part. My mother-in-law, during her life from 1900-1992, saw cars, planes, and television invented. I wonder if she was as skeptical of the Model T as I am of a driverless car? I’m not sure I could hand over that kind of control to a computer. Yet…don’t computers pretty much land planes? I love reading and watching sci-fi, but I’m not sure that I can completely embrace it in real life. 🙂

    • 🙂 We are embracing it. Cell phones, I feel naked if I forget and leave mine at home. Smart cars, we no longer have to worry about turning off the lights. So much that we take for granted without a thought. I’m afraid the boat has sailed on the option of not embracing technology. What worries me is the futuristic worlds that Sfi Fi authors invent. Those I hope stay fiction.

  2. Driverless cars are currently being tested out here. And watching some of the old James Bond movies, it’s scary to think that Q’s way out inventions are likely in use today!

    • I’m sort of wanting the self driving cars to get developed. It would help a lot of older people regain some of their independence. They are being tested in the states too

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    I wish someone would invent a car with hovering capabilities! I hate traffic and it just seems to get worse. Would love to just kick on the hover button and zoom! be in the parking lot at work! 😛

  4. Agreed on the scary stuff in the dystopian fiction today. I don’t want to be part of any world like those Divergent and Hunger Games books. haven’t read any of them but have, of course, heard all about them.

    And George Jetson wasn’t scary- I wanted those phones and flying cars they had. LOL – Bring back the Jetsons!

  5. I find the idea of driverless cars scary! I always find it fascinating how much technology has advanced, and how much like the world of Star Trek we have become – that’s scary too.

    • I’m not sure about the driverless cars. But there may come a time that it’s either that or the bus. 🙂 I remember when my mother gave up driving. Here it’s hard to get around without cars. But New Yorkers seem to do it.

      Technology is changing our world and it seems to be speeding up with new thing coming out almost every day.

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