My friend Lavada and I met on-line several years ago.  We became instant friends (almost like sisters).  One day we decided we should meet in person.  Because we live two-hours apart we decided on a cute little restaurant half-way in between.  So Lavada and her husband and my husband and I headed to the destination!!  We knew each other instantly and have kept up a steady friendship since that day,  meeting mostly at the little restaurant, but sometimes they would come to our house and sometimes we would head up their way.

Now I have to admit, we may be getting a little older, but most of the time we know exactly what we are doing.  Not so on Monday of this week.  Jim and I headed for Lavada’s house.  We got almost there, we were a little early (like 45 minutes) so I sent her a text saying we would be there soon.  No response, so we drove to her house, parked in her driveway and I called her thinking she might be in the shower.  Me—Hi are you home?   Her–No almost to the city that is a few miles from the restaurant, be there in a few.  Me–Oh-oh, we are at your house.  Her–oh no, I’m turning around.  SO we both turn around (my husband loves this) and head back to meet in the middle.  Actually we both got there at almost the same time although we had a little trouble finding the restaurant.  This wouldn’t seem so strange but it is the second time we have done something like this.  Next time Jim gets in on the correspondence so we actually know where we are going!!  We did get lunch and a two hour chat.  I am still smiling over this two days later.  Only Lavada and I can get so mixed up!!  I think we have so much to talk about that that’s what we think about instead of where we are really going.

Granddaughter Jamie has three more baby goats besides the triplets that I wrote about last month  Twin girls, Gabby and Lucy and a single girl, Zoey.  Zoey is a very mischieveous little girl but she loves Jamie.  Here is a picture of her. GetAttachment[1] They will have to sell some of them but they are so cute I think I would like a couple.  Of course Jim says NO, absolutely NOT.  He thinks the cows are enough but you can’t really play with cows!!

We just got back last week from one of our Granddaughter’s college basketball tournaments in Kennewick, NWAC tournament.  Lots of fun, now waiting to see where she will go to college next year.  We have been following her around for 15 years, since she was five and said “Grandpa, I have practice tonight, but it might be a game so you probably should be there”.  So began our sports journey with her, lots of fun, lots of miles and lots of family time.  We are wondering what the gas companies will do without all our money next year.

Hope your spring is as nice as ours, although we are getting some much needed rain today, more sun on the way.

10 responses to “LUNCH DATE

  1. Oh my gosh. You must have been laughing long and hard at that lunch date when you finally met up. 🙂 And congratulations to Jamie for the additions to her goat family! I know you will miss going to these basketball games, but if I remember right, you still go and support the local school? I imagine you’ll find ways to continue involvement in the lives of your grandchildren…and manage to catch a game once in a while, too. 🙂

  2. I’m still laughing and marveling how despite his teasing Jim tolerates instead of strangling us. The goats are cute and make great pets hopefully when the times comes they will all find good homes though I doubt any better than yours. I’m with Laurie in saying you’ll always be involved in family ball games or whatever comes. Looking forward to our next visit.

  3. Oooops! Am laughing at the mix-up! At least you both had the right day! 🙂 Must be hard to sell such cuties as the little goats. Hope you still will catch a ball game or two with the grandchildren in the future. Spring’s slow coming here: one day warm and sunny, next cloudy and cold, but we’re getting there.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Aw, what a good story! All that matters is that you visited and–I’m sure–laughed together! 😛

  5. Hilarious, Nancy. I’m glad you managed to meet up in the end. And I think I’d be tempted to keep those baby goats, too. Given the chance, I’d have a whole menagerie of pets, much to AJ’s chagrin.

  6. What a wonderful story. So funny and memorable! And baby goats are soooooo cute. I love them. Jillian

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