Root Canal, Anyone? 

I’m a big ole baby when it comes to dental procedures. I come by it naturally since the dentist my parents took me to as a child in Virginia was later convicted of fraud. He’d attended one year of dental school and then faked his diplomas. Ouch.  He hurt me over and over since I had to have six teeth pulled because my jaw was too small to hold them all. 

So, I DO go to have my teeth cleaned every three months now because I went over seven years once as an adult without a cleaning and that did some damage to my gums- I couldn’t bring myself to sit in that chair and man, I paid a price for that since I had to do a deep tissue cleaning which was painful and they only did one quadrant a week because of that. 

Deciding I never wanted to go through that again, I’ve been diligent for the last 20+ years in going in even though it’s like all the circles of hell put together for me. I’ve had one root canal in the last 10 years and found out later – much later- that it wasn’t necessary since the real cause of the issue then was an old filling that had cracked up near the root. The guy kept telling me I couldn’t still be having pain because I’d had the root canal. Um, hello? I think I’ve been in this old body long enough to know when something hurts! 

This brings us to today. I’ve been in pain for four weeks now – it’s gotten so bad that I can’t even breathe on that side of my mouth much less eat. I’m breaking down and calling for help but I sure don’t want another root canal that isn’t a solution.  I’ll have to insist on a Valium or maybe six before I let them stick that nasty torture device called a rubber dam in my mouth again.  Claustrophobia and dental phobia are two things that really don’t work out well together. 

How’s your week? 

15 responses to “Root Canal, Anyone? 

  1. I am so sorry! I went through a great deal with some dental procedures; I won’t try to compare with you, though.
    I have had people tell me that their root canals didn’t hurt at all and had one dentist tell me that they never hurt, it was only since Johnny Carson made a joke that people believe that they hurt! I had a great deal of pain.
    So my prayers go to you for a fast(er) healing. I say, ENOUGH!

  2. thanks. I agree. They DO hurt.

  3. I am horribly afraid of the dentist and will do about anything to not go. For me it stems back to early childhood problems. Somethings you never forget. If I can be knocked out I will. They can give you some stuff now. Our daughter had it and it pretty well knocked her out. She doesn’t even remember the ride home. Talk about looped.

    Will be thinking of you. Keep us posted maybe you won’t need a root canal.

  4. Ugh…I SO feel your pain. Was in the same situation as you (phobic) without the bad experiences to back it up. I go regularly for my cleanings now, but I, too, have to go in this week for a problem. So we’ll have to bolster each other up, k? We CAN do this. 🙂

    • Good luck with yours!!

    • YEP! We can bolster each other. I went in today and got some pain meds. She wasn’t sure if it was a crack or needs a root canal so I am going to endodontist later in the week to see what he thinks. She could tell from the xray that whoever did the initial filling used a metal pin to hold it together and it may be that is causing the tooth to break down 40 years later. UGH

  5. Feel for you . Hope all goes well

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    I hope all goes well for you, Jillian. Hope it rids you of the discomfort. Nothing is worse than mouth pain…it seems to make the rest of you not feel too well, too.

  7. I hate anything concerning dentists and teeth as my whole family had a terrible time years ago at the hands of a butcher dentist such that I almost (almost) avoided reading your post. I am so sorry you are having such an awful time and wish I could make it better for you. We are all feeling for you. Hope things improve soon. Meanwhile, methings a group hug is in order.

    • Thanks Kit. And I’ll take the group hug! And I see you can totally relate since you had a butcher, too. It makes a huge impact, doesn’t it?


  8. Oh heck, Jillian. I hope you get some relief from dental pain soon. I’m not too bad at the dentist, except when one of those impression things are used. Then I totally freak out. Is that the same as a dam? When your whole mouth is filled with a contraption that makes you feel like you’re choking? I’m having palpitations just thinking about it!

    • Yes, Tricia. It’s that rubber dam thing. I HATE IT! I go this Thursday. He promised to cut the dam so my claustrophobia won’t send me into orbit AND my regular dentist gave me a valium prescription to take. She’s really being an advocate for me in this and I love it.

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