Yikes – I’m late

Sorry to be late with the post today.  I put a reminder on my calendar….for today not yesterday.  (Head hits desk)

The month of February was busier than I planned.  A trip to Manresa Castle in Port Townsend at the beginning of the month, then two weeks later I was off to San Antonio Texas for a conference.

The conference was fun and I met lots of people which is good for this writer.  The bad thing, I came home with conference crud.  😦

My room mate became sick while we were there, and on the day we were leaving I could feel myself getting a scratchy throat.  Woke up on Monday, still scratchy throat but I felt good, until Tuesday morning.  The coughing started.

This last almost a full two weeks, I made sure I wasn’t running a fever or anything else going on.  Thankfully, I never did and I have recovered.

But it did put me behind.  While in San Antonio I stayed at the Menger Hotel, which is another haunted hotel.  While I didn’t see a ghost, I think we had one in the room, because I had trouble with the in-room coffee pot.

I’d turn it on and it turn itself off, it took 3 times to brew one cup of coffee and I always carry a night light for the bathroom.  It wouldn’t work either.  I thought the bulb had burned out until I tested it when I got home and it was fine.

Here’s some pictures I took of the courtyard of the hotel.

IMG_0223 IMG_0224 IMG_0225 IMG_0226

8 responses to “Yikes – I’m late

  1. Sounds like a good time and at least you got through the conference before getting sick. Love the pics and looks like the resident ghost had some fun with you.

  2. Yuch on getting the crud. I’m glad you’re over it. And that ghost was really messing with you. You’re a morning coffee lover like me, right? Well, I’m glad your home and back on track. The hotel looks cool.

    • Oh yes, I must have my morning coffee. My roommate was so cute, on Sunday she went down to the lobby and brought me up 2 cups of coffee. The other mornings, we just went out for breakfast.

  3. That’s a pretty rotten ghost, messing with your coffee machine 🙂 Glad you managed to beat the worst of the crud!

  4. You must have been at the conference that Jean Joachim was at too.
    I’ve heard a lot of stories about the Menger.

  5. sorry you got sick. Love that you had a ghostly visitor in your room.

  6. Now that is one mean ghost, perhaps he had an aversion to coffee and lights. And perhaps it was the ghost who gave you both the crud. Glad you are non the worse for it. All in all, sounds a busy and enjoyable time. The hotel looks lovely.

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