marathonWhen I think of a marathon I usually visualize running. Webster’s dictionary defines the word as a 26 mile foot race or any endurance contest. Word defines it as lengthy or long-winded or epic.

Recently I have been on a self-imposed, self enjoyed reading marathon. It’s hard to think of the endeavor as an endurance test as it’s what I want to do. The problem is it has been all I have wanted to do.

Doing something to the exclusion of everything else isn’t new for me, but it’s something that I’ve managed over the years. Before retirement I didn’t have the luxury. Still there were times when I would go on a sewing bend, or cleaning bend. At least with those things I didn’t feel so selfish. Reading is just for me. But if it works like it has in the past, I’ll slow down and get back to a better-rounded schedule. I’d better as Spring will bring on cleaning in both the yard and house.

Anybody else have this problem??

12 responses to “Marathon’s

  1. You know, there are worse marathons to do other than reading ones. At least you’re exercising your soul with reading. And I doubt you’ve been idle. As for me, yes, I have times when I focus on something to the exclusion of most other stuff. I don’t usually have the luxury of doing it for days on end, but it’s nice to take a little vacation from normal and be completely engrossed in something. For me, it’s reading or cover and website work. Or cards. I love playing cards and could easily do that as a daily distraction. 🙂 So I say go relax and read. Everything else will get done when it gets done.

  2. As Laurie says, you’re feeding your soul and what could be better than that! I’ve had days where I’ve thought to heck with it, and just read the day away. Used to feel a bit guilty, but not anymore. Life is all about balance, and I think all of us here on OTBF work hard in many areas of our lives, so I say, let’s go on our marathons of choice once in a while. We deserve it! 🙂

  3. I am jealous. I have read very little this winter–darn nice weather😜😜

  4. awesome kind of marathon!! When I read, I devour a book – I can’t stop til it’s done. I have to parcel them out or I would read non-stop. Glad you took the time to do some!!

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    A friend of mine was involved in a bank robbery (she’s a teller, not a robber). Afterwards, she suffered PTSD and went to see a therapist. He told her that every day during her lunch break she needs to eat her lunch and then spend the rest of the time reading. He told her reading is important to our happiness. He explains reading as a vacation for your mind and soul. For the brief period of time you are holding a book in your hands (or tablet or reading device) you take a trip away from your cares and worries and problems. So indulge, Lavada! Indulge without worry!! 😛

    • I love your comment Valerie. I read a lot and always have. I never really put it all into thought like you’ve just done but it is so true. Reading is like taking a trip.

  6. Now that is my sort of marathon. It’s escapism, is relaxation, is often an emotional ride – all good for the soul. Something we all should do more often because you come out at the end feeling refreshed, revitalised and with a sense of fulfilment. I watch little TV either, much preferring to lose myself in a book. Now, please excuse me, I have a mountain to climb (of books, of course 🙂 )

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