Scents for a Woman

I love candles. Especially scented ones. I burn them all the time, summer and winter, and get really excited when I have a new fragrance to try. Recently, I ordered three large jar candles with an oriental theme. They are perfect for this time of year – warming and comforting – frankincense, Moroccan argan oil and oud oasis. Absolutely gorgeous. I can close my eyes and imagine wandering through an eastern bazaar, complete with colourful rugs, vivid ceramics and succulent dates and figs…with, of course, hot and sunny weather!

My favourite fragrances are lemon lavender, verbena, vanilla and sandalwood. Lemon, lavender and verbena bring back memories of lovely holidays in the south of France, especially Menton (famous for its lemon festival), while vanilla reminds me of ice cream and sunny days on the beach when I was little. Sandalwood is a masculine scent. In fact, most of the heroes in the stories I write use sandalwood soap!

It’s interesting how smell can evoke particular memories, whipping us back in time in a heartbeat. The emotional response we have is said to be governed by this association, which explains why some people love a particular scent and others absolutely hate it. Recently I was in a restaurant where they served up Spotted Dick and Custard – a traditional British steamed fruit pudding, evoking memories of my beloved grandmother who always served this pudding on Wednesdays, as a treat for finishing up our dinners of liver and onions. Yuk!

What about you? Any favourite scents and associated memories?

10 responses to “Scents for a Woman

  1. I love scented candles too. Which reminds me I have a bunch I need to drag out and use. I particularly like the ones in a jar as they are safer. I like the lavender and vanilla is my favorite go to scent. And, yes different smells do invoke memories. Like the smell of the ocean and sea breezes.

  2. I LOVE candles. Alas, my husband has gotten sensitive to scents, so I’m limited in what I can use, and I now only use candles in my writing room. You have to have ambiance to write, right? πŸ™‚ Your exotic scents sound great. I’d say lavendar is my favorite, but I’m a sea-child. I love the water. Currently, I’ve wrapped my heart (and nose) around Pink Sands, a wonderful seaside scent.
    This is a great topic and I’m grinning from ear to ear. I love different smells (good ones) and used to really enjoy home candle parties.

  3. Mmmm. Love scented candles. My favourite scents are vanilla, and lavender. Dave’s not to keen on having flames in the house so we’ve treated ourselves to battery ones. They are made of wax, flicker like a real flame and give off scent but are safe and remote controlled. I love just the candles on when I’m watching a film. The sense of smell is very evocative. The smell of fresh coffee reminds me of mother and home and childhood, tobacco pipes burning of my father (miss him so much), and oddly enough a tin of golden syrup reminds me of Barbados.
    Great post and topic, Tricia. Thank you.

    • Ooh, didn’t know you could get scented versions of those battery candles, Kit. I’ll need to investigate for when we have a puppy here. Golden syrup reminds me of my grandmother’s cupboard and all those times I used to head there, secretly, with a big spoon! Lovely to hear what scents evoke memories for you. Special and precious.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    I burn candles year round, too, Trisha. Love them! At work, we have a no open-flame policy so I bought a candle warmer that takes those little scented tarts. Absolutely love it! I can change the scent often because you only get about three or four warmings from each tart. People coming into the office always comment about the welcoming aroma. At home, with the candles, I love to burn two candles at the same time with complimenting aromas to create my own signature scent. I burn french vanilla with cinnamon and it smells like I’m baking snickerdoodle cookies!! I burn “fresh baked bread” with wild berries and it smells like I’m baking blueberry bread!! πŸ˜›

    And you’re absolutely correct about scents bringing memories to the forefront. Any time I am around a fair, the smell of cotton candy and candied apples immediately brings my dad to my mind!! πŸ˜›

  5. I need to try the scented tarts, Valerie. I notice that Yankee sell them on the QVC shopping channel (oh dear, there goes my credit card again) πŸ™‚ Great idea about burning two candles together and creating your own signature scents. French vanilla and cinnamon…gorgeous.

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Yes, if you can Tricia, give the scented tarts a try. I just bought peppermint and oh my is it strong! It filled the entire house with peppermint. I read somewhere that the scent of peppermint will curb your appetite, so I thought why not get a scented tart and warm it. Make the house smell good AND curb the munchies! Whew! Too strong for me. I may have to try joining it with another scent like chocolate and see if it mellows a little. πŸ˜›

  6. I love lemon verbena, too. Not a big fan of lavender unless it’s mixed with something. Something about the undiluted version doesn’t agree with me. I am a candle fan, too. I love the clean smelling ones the best- like rain, fresh linen, etc.

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