What’s your favorite season of the year?

So…it’s been another strange winter. While others around the country have been deluged with rain, snow and wind, our Pacific Northwest weather has been quiet and almost balmy in comparison. Even our mountains are desperate for snowfall. We’re all concerned because that snowpack feeds our rivers and tributaries, and by default, irrigates our crops.

These hills should be covered in snow.

These hills should be covered in snow.

As someone who likes seasons to look different, I wish (and I say this very quietly) we could have a bit more snow in winter. This is our second year of no real measurable lowland snow, and I love a walk in the snow. I’m the first one out the door when the flakes begin to cascade down. I like Spring to be full of rain and flowers. Summer to be warm and rejuvenating. And Fall to be alive with changing leaf colors, then fading into the hibernating chill of winter.

We are very, very lucky to live here. We have our issues, mostly flooding when we get too much rain. Sadly, that’s meant some loss of life, most recently with the Oso slide in early 2014 where we lost 41 people. So I’m not complaining. I know we are lucky.

I just wish I’d seen a bit of snow.

How about you? How did Old Man Winter treat you this year? Were you part of the January blizzard in the Northeast? Sunny and warm all winter long? Is winter your least favorite season? Which one do you like best?


12 responses to “What’s your favorite season of the year?

  1. I have three (summer, autumn and winter) favorite seasons, because all of them offer different experiences in different colors. Summer offers the beauty of blue lakes, winter offers experiences which are only in Finland and autumn glowing nature colors beyond the Arctic Circle.

  2. As a close neighbor I am in the same weather zone as you are. I too love the seasons but would be happy for moderate temps and conditions all year long. Like mid to high 70’s. Rain at night, sunny in the daytime. Mild breezes. It would all work for me. 🙂

  3. Must admit I like the seasons too, but have to confess to loving spring the most. Not a great fan of snow, probably because here in the UK we have a smattering of the white stuff and everything grinds to a halt. Now that we’re nudging March, I’m looking forward to spring flowers and lighter nights. Bring it on.

    • That’s right. I remember you being a Spring person. And Kit, too. It’s a great season, I admit. I’m just not quite ready to let go of hibernating. Not enough sleep yet, I guess. Lol.

  4. Hate winter, love summer. Glad it’s spring. Even more glad we’ve no snow to speak of here where we are. Am hoping it’s safe now to put my head over the parapet and come out of hibernation. 🙂

    • Yep, I knew you were a Spring and Summer gal, Kit. That sunshine and warmth is joyous, isn’t it? Still, a little hibernation is good for the work load. I think I should have asked who gets more work done in which season? Because the pull to be outside is already tugging at me. 🙂

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    As a northern girl, I enjoy all the seasons, but I admit I do enjoy the wintertime. I love snow and I enjoy all that entails…blowing winds, gray skies, and snow angels. Here lately, it seems feast or famine with our winters. Last year was 2 1/2 months of subzero temperatures and loads of snow. This year, outside of a little snow here and there in January, February alone was a very snowy month with blizzards a plenty and either really, really dry snow or really heavy wet snow. Oddly, we’ve gotten a lot of rain, too, which leads to horrible driving conditions once the temperature falls after the sun goes down. March blew in like a lion with 3 inches of snow before 10 AM, but nearly always goes out like a lamb.

    What I like most about the seasons we have here is that by the time one nears its end, I am looking forward to the changes of the next one. While most of my friends dislike winter, I find creativity in it. Plus, I could never live somewhere where there is no changing of the seasons..true changes, too. 😛

  6. You know, I think your last comment about always being excited for the new season is spot on for me. I am ready for the change and celebrate it, no matter which season is budding. 🙂

  7. I Love a change of seasons and grew up in my early years with that – I really miss it- we have very short fall and winter- most of the year is humid and warm.

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