GetAttachment[2]FIRST THE NEW BABY PICTURE–ADDISON!!  After a very bumpy start she is now very healthy!!

Well here I am late again with my blog, can I blame it on Basketball Season?, or my computer that ended up in the shop for two day? Four games this week not counting a two hour drive to one on Saturday.  We have had fun though so I am really not complaining.  Oh, and is our weather beautiful or not!!  60 plus the last few days, so during the day we have been super busy trying to catch up on the farm.   The one thing we have had this winter is lots of wind!!  Our woods are full of limbs that we need to get picked up, plus two big trees down.  (Anyone need fire wood?) We spent four hours just working on fences one day this week, sore?, wow I wasn’t sure I would be able to move the next day, but everything is secure once again so my cows won’t roam.  We have a fairly new neighbor that gets a little upset if a cow gets on his lawn.  He always figures it is my cows, but I have found my cows standing in the barn when he is sure one of them is on his lawn.  I’ve had long talks with the cows explaining that they need to stay home and they assure me they aren’t going to roam because I feed them too well J.

We have some new additions to the Knox family, besides a beautiful red-headed Great Granddaughter!!  One of Jamie’s goats had triplets yesterday.  They are so cute, unfortunately they cannot be with their mother so they are living in the basement of their house.  That has something to do with a disease that the mother has that is transferred in her milk.  Bottle babies are fun, lots of work, but I feel so sorry for the mother.  They will only breed her once because she is a beautiful goat and then keep her for a pet.  I keep telling them they could have 13 goats before summer because two other healthy goats are due in the next month.  Sending a picture of “Georgie” the one female of the triplets.

One other interesting thing happening in my life is a new “non-diet” I am on.  I have a friend that asked me if I wanted to do this with her.  Mostly we want to be healthy, not skinny!!  Then another friend joined us.  We e-mail regularly, which seems to make us more accountable , and weigh in each week and set goals.  We all feel better because of healthier eating and exercising.  I took a 30-day walking challenge on line two weeks ago and haven’t missed a day yet.  First time I have ever been committed to exercising, so thank you to my two very good friends!!

Off to hop on the treadmill, then outside to work in the barn.  Have a wonderful spring!!



9 responses to “SPRING!!

  1. It’s great catching up with your family, Nancy, both the two-legged and four-legged members. I hope any issues Addison had after birth are not long-term. She’s adorable! As is that baby goat. They’re called kids, right? WAY cute, but I can’t imagine the work involved bottle feeding three of them! Is the family getting any sleep?

  2. As always love your blog. Those baby goats have to be the cutest ever. I’ve bottle fed a baby foal before, it’s incredible how close you get to them and the antics they display with eating. Our baby would literally crawl in my lap. Thank heavens she was a miniature horse.

    Addison is so sweet. I hope you get to see her often. They grow up so fast.

    And, as one of your non-diet friends I’m so glad we started this accountability thing It’s working for me.

    With all you do around the farm you make me feel lazy. But, not lazy enough to go over to the old place and help Rick out. 🙂 I did order a rose bush today and I think I’m going to make a rose garden out of the raised beds. Maybe one tomato plant. Maybe!

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    Keep up the healthy habits, your body will thank you! Congrats on the grand-baby and the triplets. Sorry to hear they could not stay with their mamma. Is there a cure for mamma?

  4. Two cute baby pics. Both are adorable. Congrats on the new great-granddaughter. ENJOY! And triplets who can’t nurse sounds like a TON of work. Best of luck to all. Jillian

  5. Baby goat is adorable. And baby Addison even more so. Give her a hug from me, please. Always enjoy reading what’s happening on your farm. And I can just imagine you giving your cows a good talking to about wandering into next door’s field. 🙂 Keep up the non diet diet, I’m sure it’s the right way to go, far more healthy and natural than starving oneself. I’ve started walking out daily, don’t go far as it’s been too cold, windy and I’ve been poorly but every little helps.

    • One thing we can’t complain about this year is the weather. It’s so nice going into spring with a lot of “spring” work ready done. I sure feel better when I walk good luck , hope your weather improves.

  6. Awww… congratulations on your new arrivals, Nancy. And I have a lovely visual of you talking to your cows! Hope you’re enjoying the walking/treadmill this week 🙂

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