A Fun Weekend

At the beginning of February, I was lucky enough to spend some time with some of my fellow writers here on the blog.  Laurie, Lavada and Theresa.

Because we are all writers we went on a writing retreat with our local writing group to Port Townsend, where we stayed at Manresa Castle.


We had a blast, writing all weekend, talking in the bar and having wonderful dinners at the hotel restaurant.

Manresa Castle has also to be said to be haunted.  That put an interesting twist on the weekend for me.  I’m not partial to ghosts and hoped nothing funny would happen while I was there.  Nothing did, but I will say every little noise at night did make me a little nervous.

Here’s a picture of the sitting area in my room.


The next picture is of the front sitting area


So if you’re ever in the area, do you’re best to go to Port Townsend and at least visit Manresa Castle.  If you do stay, avoid rooms 302 and 306 those are the two haunted room, but the ghost’s have been known to wonder all around the castle.


5 responses to “A Fun Weekend

  1. As one of the folks who got to enjoy this writing weekend, I have to agree that Manresa is AWESOME. The rooms are basic, but large and very period in design. And we got SO much work done! It was fun hanging out with you there, Marie.

  2. I love this annual trip. Jack and I stayed there twice there’s bunches to see and do in Pt. Townsend.

  3. Sounds great. I love the pictures. I’m glad you all got to spend some time with like-minded folks!

  4. Sounds like you had a great time. It’s always good to share time with fellow writers and in such an inspiring place.

  5. Pleased you all enjoyed yourselves. Always enjoy a weekend (or any time, in fact) spent with fellow writers. It works wonders on the old creative juices. let’s hope it’s not long until the next one.

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