Cancun 2015

10599519_900804059929799_3698831371099690046_nThe picture was taken from our balcony in Cancun. It doesn’t do the setting justice. We watched sunrises, well everyone that got up in time anyway, and sunsets, and cruise ships making their way to Cancun just down the way.

This is the second vacation the kids (daughter, son and daughter-in-law) and I have taken to Cancun. Rick and Linda have a membership in an all inclusive resort and we all love it. For anyone that hasn’t stayed in one all inclusive is all the food and beverages are free with the room. This one was the Moon Palace and had a steak house, seafood, Italian, and Japanese with menu’s and a Mexican buffet as well as beach and patio fast foods like oven pizza and hamburgers. It also includes room service. A little like a cruise except no bar bill at the end.

They are opening a new palace in Jamaica this year and we have all ready started planning a trip for next year. We’re going to try for the Presidential Suite again. We got more than a little spoiled this year. I like spoiled.

I tried to put together a slide show of the trip but for some reason it didn’t work so just loaded some pictures. It was perfect weather, room, company just everything except the air travel. I’m trying to decide if I should do a future blog on our flying experience as it almost makes a person rethink their destination and Jamiaca will be a long flight for us.





I’m home for a few weeks and then a trip to sunny Arizona. By the time I get home it will nearly Spring not a bad start for 2015. ☺ And as if to agree there are plants blooming in my garden already.


15 responses to “Cancun 2015

  1. What an awesome way to spend time with the family. It’s funny. My family heads for snow, yours heads for sunshine and warmth. Either way, the fact that they still want to get together is something to treasure. The pictures are great!

  2. Love the photos! How great to have such a fabulous view from your balcony. I can imagine you’ll be well set up for the year after your ‘sunny’ holidays 🙂

  3. Nice!!! I’m jealous, will just a little I am a terrible traveler. I panic everytime I think of air travel. My knuckles are completely white by the time we land. I have tried almost everything but alcohol to get over this fear😁😁

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Sounds like a lovely excursion! Very nice pics, too! Hope Arizona is a good time as well. Safe travels, Lavada. And, indeed, a great start to 2015. 😛

  5. Thanks Valerie. I loved every bit of it and still it was nice to be home.

  6. Great photos. It sounds like you had an awesome trip. I love that you got some great time with your family. I am like you- the flights almost make the trip not worthwhile- but once we arrive, it’s awesome. There really needs to be some changes in the way airlines deal with people.

    • I so agree. If there were another way to get from point A to B I’d take. I’m ready for teleporting. Heyyyy it could happen an awful lot of what I grew up seeing in comic books is actually here. Those drones are downright scary.

  7. Ooo, just what I could do with. Great photos and sound as if you had a fabulous time with your family. PS: I’m free if you go again, only take up a little room in one suitcase. lol 🙂

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