The Bible, Horoscopes and Life

I start each day with a daily devotional reading. I also sometimes check my horoscope. It’s funny how sometimes they merge into exactly what I need at the time I need it even though that devotional book is published way before my life events.

I’ve been working on a massive case that has sucked the life out of me since the end of December. January was a blur of tug-of-war where it seems like everyone wanted a piece of me. I worked my rear off but never seemed to make anyone happy. I also ignored my writing as I was too beat each night to keep at it. Basically, I vegged out with tv and movies which I never do.

Anyway, I made a decision about this case over the weekend and wasn’t able to act on it on Monday since I was in a meeting with 7 other lawyers all day but I had my secretary working on a draft motion.

My Tuesday devotional focused on trusting God to take care of things like he cares for the birds of the field. It even had a sentence about once we do the best we can, we have to lay it down and trust God to see it through. I made some calls when I got to the office and made it clear to people that I was done and moving into another phase with this thing. Some took it well and some didn’t – the tug-of-war folks lined up about how I thought they would.

Then, I read my horoscope. Guess what it said?

“You’re working too hard at something that’s not worth your time.” It went on from there but you get the gist.

I love it when what I need to hear is shouted at me from all sides, don’t you?

10 responses to “The Bible, Horoscopes and Life

  1. Good for you, making the tough choice that is best for you, Jillian. Good for you! Gosh, it sounds like you’ve had the month from hell. You know, Kit’s blog talked about all the things she planned to do (cleaning, decluttering, etc.) and instead, she’s been writing, painting,. etc. Sometimes, we have to feed our souls. Sounds like you just did that. 🙂

  2. Good for you Jillian. I need to get back into a daily devotional. I usually do them the last thing at night for the next morning. I guess you can tell I’m not a morning person. Keep us posted on how your doing, your on the right track.

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    A daily devotional read first thing in the morning sets the pace for the rest of the day, doesn’t it? Your focus is on God, thanking and praising Him. So glad you begin your day that way. Hope things even out for you and improve! 😛

    • Thanks Valerie. I do indeed. It def helps set the tone for the day. I’ve still got people clamoring for me to do their bidding but I’m feeling stronger about making what I need to happen happen.


  4. Good to get out of the madhouse now and again. My horoscope reading end of last year told me I was spending too much time helping other people and neglecting my own needs. Have made concerted effort to devote more time to me and, boy, do I feel the benefit. Hope things get better for you soon. 🙂

    • Way to go, Kit. I need to do the same thing. always trying to be sure everyone else is taken care if can drain a person. Glad you’ve been able to make it happen.


  5. Your post reminded me of that saying that when God wants your attention He whispers in your ear. If there’s no response He taps you on the shoulder. Still no response? He’ll whack you over the head. Glad to hear you got the message before the whack on the head, Jillian!

    • For sure Tricia. I am in the situation in another matter that I think I AM being whacked on the head about. I’ve been fighting it but I am at the point of letting that go as well. LOL- Soon, I’ll have let go of everything and there will be no me left. HAHAHA

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