Daily Archives: February 4, 2015

The Bible, Horoscopes and Life

I start each day with a daily devotional reading. I also sometimes check my horoscope. It’s funny how sometimes they merge into exactly what I need at the time I need it even though that devotional book is published way before my life events.

I’ve been working on a massive case that has sucked the life out of me since the end of December. January was a blur of tug-of-war where it seems like everyone wanted a piece of me. I worked my rear off but never seemed to make anyone happy. I also ignored my writing as I was too beat each night to keep at it. Basically, I vegged out with tv and movies which I never do.

Anyway, I made a decision about this case over the weekend and wasn’t able to act on it on Monday since I was in a meeting with 7 other lawyers all day but I had my secretary working on a draft motion.

My Tuesday devotional focused on trusting God to take care of things like he cares for the birds of the field. It even had a sentence about once we do the best we can, we have to lay it down and trust God to see it through. I made some calls when I got to the office and made it clear to people that I was done and moving into another phase with this thing. Some took it well and some didn’t – the tug-of-war folks lined up about how I thought they would.

Then, I read my horoscope. Guess what it said?

“You’re working too hard at something that’s not worth your time.” It went on from there but you get the gist.

I love it when what I need to hear is shouted at me from all sides, don’t you?