I Love My New Painting

PART_1420147115191_20150101_121947My cousin is an artist that does beautiful creations. She came up to help me when I was looking at paint and floors for the house. One of the rooms I had painted was the kitchen. The color is harvest but more of a harvest yellow then a harvest gold. I was mentioning that I needed a picture that would compliment the color and… I love it.

To make it even more special the teapot–gravy bowl was taken from a teapot that was our grandmothers. It’s sat in a promenent place in my kitchen for years. When Barb painted it she said it wasn’t a teapot like I thought but a gravy bowl. I said, “I don’t think so it looks like a teapot.” “No.” She says. “I did research and its definitely a gravy bowl.” When we hung the picture it was perfect in every way but she did paint a gravy bowl and Nana’s is a tea pot. We laughed and thought about how much Nana would have laughed with us.

Tea pot – gravy bowl– the picture is absolutely perfect. Do I feel special, oh yes it isn’t everyone that has a cousin like I do and I treasure the time we spend together.

A great way to start a new year. Thank you Barb.


14 responses to “I Love My New Painting

  1. Hmmm, I think I’ll stay out of the whole tea pot-gravy bowl thing, and just compliment Barb on the painting itself. It’s awesome! It’s easy to tell you two have a close relationship and that is as precious as the painting itself, I think.

  2. Beautiful painting and so good that you have such a great relationship you can argue, and laugh about it!

  3. It was totally my pleasure! Love to make you a happy girl!

  4. By the way…and for the record….Lavada was/is right…her “real” one is teapot…I thought it was gravy boat so that’s what I painted! Ha! Now she has both!!!!

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    Very nice painting! And I *love* that gorgeous frame!! Cousin Barb is very talented and what a lovely new family “heirloom” she’s created as I’m certain it will be something you hand down, Lavada!

  6. Beautiful picture, Lavada. 🙂

  7. Fabulous painting and in such a perfect frame! As to the teapot, I remember many years ago at a family gathering, my sis-in-law didn’t have a large enough gravy boat so used a china teapot instead! Caused a few comments and many laughs but it did the job! 🙂

  8. I love the painting and even more that it has a story. That makes it more fun to me.

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