It’s a New Year

It’s sometimes hard for me to believe that another year has gone by.  It seemed just like yesterday I was ushering in 2014 and now it’s 2015.

I’ve made my goals for the year and I’m putting my schedule together.

And Miss Penny is her usual crazy self.  After her accident in October, I was a little worried because since then she’s been pretty much glued to my side when I’m home.  After talking to Penny’s vet in December, she told me it would just take some time.

About a week after that, Miss Penny, finally decided it was okay to go eat and drink while I was in my office. Yeah, a break through.  While it’s good for me to get up and move away from my desk, Penny would make me stay in the room with her while she ate and drank.

This weekend Penny is staying at the dog hotel because I have to go out of town, but she’ll be fine.  I’ve already discussed with the staff that if there is no small dog day camp then they are to give her individual attention.  Plus I’ve been back up there with Penny and the staff all miss her and can’t wait until they can cuddle her again, so I have no worries.

This is how Penny looks in my office:

Penny 12-17-14

My writing friends wonder how I get any work done with her in the office with me.

Have a great day.


6 responses to “It’s a New Year

  1. OMGosh. She is SO cute. How do you get ANY work done with those chocolate eyes of hers staring at you? It sounds like you’ve set everything up for her to be comfy and well taken care of. And yep, I’m guessing time will heal those internal fears of hers.

  2. What a sweetie. At least she is in her bed and not under the chair. When I puppy sit for granddog I have to watch I don’t wheel the chair over her. I think they are more inspiration then diversion.

    It does seem surreal that it is 2015. Gosh I can remember sci fy stories of this era and here we are living in it. Makes one wonder what the next 50 years will bring.

  3. What a sweetie. Hope she continues to get better. Jillian

  4. A little sweetheart. Yes, how on earth do you get any work done?

  5. Such a cutie. She would be distracting me all day long. So pleased she’s getting better.

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