First of all I need to say I hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a great New Year.  With that, as you probably know, I am late again!!  Was it the holiday season? Or way too many basketball games? Or am I just disorganized?  I don’t know but I do know my New Year’s Resolution will be to get this blog done on time.  With that said I need to tell you about a very special visitor I had during the Pre-Christmas Season.

One morning as I went out to feed the cows Daisy rushed ahead of me, as usual, and was barking and jumping around like crazy.  When I opened the gate to the barn I saw what I thought might be a neighbor’s dog.  Daisy was going crazy so I walked out to see what was going on and there was a little Coyote.  When he saw me he turned and hobbled away.  I quickly ran to tell Jim that I thought we had an injured Coyote in the field but by the time he got there it was gone.  The next morning I found the same little Coyote in the corral beside the barn and noticed he just had three legs.  He stood there and looked at me and of course I thought he looked really hungry.  So I threw some Lasagna out in the corral for him and when I went back in the afternoon it was completely gone.  This went on for about ten days.  I would find him in the feeders with the cows, who were just standing there looking at him until I put their hay and grain in then they would slowly push him over so they could get to their feed and he would wonder off to the corral and wait for food under the fence.  Now I know I shouldn’t have fed him and I could probably get in big trouble for that, but he was really skinny and small, maybe weighting thirty pounds.  I would talk to him and he would just stand and look at me and probably wonder why Daisy was acting so crazy.  Missy would not even go to the barn when he was there.

I knew I needed to call Fish and Wildlife to come get him and planned on doing that on Monday.  But coming home from a ballgame one night my Grandson called me and said my neighbor had shot my Coyote.  It actually made me cry; I felt so bad for him and felt that I may have contributed to his death by feeding and talking to him.  I guess he had actually gotten onto the neighbors porch, so he shot him.  My Grandson thinks. that maybe because he only had three legs and was pretty tame.  maybe he had got caught in a trap and someone had rescued him when he was little, raised him for a while and turned him loose.

Anyway, while I know we can’t have Coyote’s hanging around during calving season it was a fun experience and a sad one at the same time.  He helped make my Christmas a little bit nicer and I know he had a full belly for several days.

Things are back to normal now.  The cows want to eat outside, which is so strange because they were always in the barn with him, and I actually had to clean the barn on my birthday because they had been in there so much.  Now they like to eat out in the field, which may be harder for me to feed them than cleaning the barn.  Missy is happy again and runs to the barn with me in the morning and Daisy is still trying to figure out where that silly little animal went?

Again I hope each of you have a wonderful New Year.  Be safe and healthy.fCoyote



  1. Ahhh. I know there’s a whole circle of life thing in this world. And I am not a vegetarian by any definition. But…stories like this still make me sad. And, as you mention, happy, too. I’m glad you got to make his days better for a while. 🙂

  2. I know how you feel and like Laurie says there is a circle of life but I know I could never be a hunter. The kindness you showed him and the feeling of a full tummy were no doubt a blessing to him. Kris is feeding a lot of rabbits and right now there is a stray cat hanging around. Ahhh country life, the good and unfortunately the sometimes heart breaking.

  3. Oh, such a sad ending, but wonderful that his last days were happy thanks to your kindess.

  4. Oh, how sad. But can’t blame your neighbour for his actions. The circle of life, indeed.

  5. oh how sad that he got shot. I’m glad you fed him and he had a little bit of love.

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