Christmas and New Year’s

I can’t believe that Christmas and New Years is right around the corner.  It seems like it was just yesterday I was celebrating.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve been having some very strange weather. Early snowfall with freezing temps that didn’t leave for over a week, now we’ve got rain and wind.

Good news with this is my friends in California are getting lots of rain, bad news is the flooding.  While they need the water, they don’t need it all at once.

My plans for Christmas are pretty low key, going to my sister’s house where all her kids will show up and we’ll have an nontraditional Christmas dinner.  I say nontraditional because this year the theme is Filipino food.

As for New Years, I stay home and off the streets.

So do you have any plans for the two upcoming holidays?

This is a picture of the snow falling outside my house.

snow 11-29-2014 five minutes later


Have a good Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!!


5 responses to “Christmas and New Year’s

  1. The snow looks lovely, Marie. I enjoy some lowland snow. SOME. Here’s my theory. The folks who don’t like snow can have clear streets 51 weeks a year. I’m only asking for one week with snow at the house. Lol. Our Christmas is a brunch at my brother’s house. Filled with people and kids and craziness. But, like you, New Year’s is spent at home. Too many crazies out on the road. 🙂
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday and safe New Year, too!

  2. Yes, the holidays are arriving early. I know it’s the same number of days but it doesn’t seem like it. I’ll take just about any weather if it comes without wind. We lost power last night and it was scary out there.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and New Years filled with mega book sales.

  3. The snow is lovely. I hope you’re able to enjoy it and stay cozy at the same time. Enjoy your Christmas and New Years celebrations- Jillian

  4. Filipino food sounds like fun! The snow certainly looks lovely, but stay warm! Happy Christmas!

  5. Love watching and seeing snow but hate going out in it! But it certainly makes the holidays more festive. This year it is just the two of us for Christmas and mother coming to visit for a few days after, hopefully stopping to see in the New Year with us – a first for many years. We have snow threatened today (26th Dec) but rare we get much where I live. We shall see. Hope you had a really lovely time and stayed warm, with perhaps the odd snowball fight inbetween (lol). 🙂

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