Putting the Christmas tree up

image-9I put the tree up last week. One of the things I like about not having a live tree is that I can put it up early without having to worry about it drying out. And of course, no fir or pine or whatever needles.

When I moved to Jubilee and downsized one of things I gave up was the big tree. It was just too heavy to drag in and set up. At first I thought about leaving the decorating, especially the tree to the kids but in the end couldn’t do it. So bought a pre-decorated small one. It’s about six feet in it’s container but not big.

While it’s pre-decorated with lights and pine cones I put on extra ornaments. It’s a slow process because although I don’t put on a lot I reminisce over each one. We got the Jack Russel angel in Branson. We laughed a lot about how Abby was no angel. Putting it on the tree brought her back to me. Memories.

There is a bell we picked up on our China trip and an egg from both St. Petersburg and Budapest. All different trips with memories not only of the trips but of the people we shared it with.

We tried to pass this wonderful annual event on to the kids. When our first grandchild was born we got the Baby’s First Christmas Hallmark ornament. It started a tradition of getting an ornament for each of the grandkids. We did that until they were 18. When they got their own places we gave the set to them starting their tree’s with a dozen and a half ornaments from their childhoods. Our daughter is now doing it with her grandsons. So many memories of decorating those tree’s with the kids.

So for me it’s not just putting up a Christmas tree, it’s bringing life into the house with memories of Christmas’s past and trust in building new ones over this season.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

14 more days to go and counting. ☺ ☺


8 responses to “Putting the Christmas tree up

  1. That’s some great memories you have there, Lavada. What a great idea to collect tree decorations from places you’ve visited. Such a lovely tradition you have going with the family, too. Adore the Jack Russel angel and the memories it brought back for you. This year, I’ve gone potty for lights and have bought several new boxes. Not sure where I’m going to put them though 🙂

    • Here in Jubilee we have a mix of really great displays and not having any at all. A lot of people are snowbirds. For me it’s the physical part of putting them up and taking them down. To keep it simple I just have an artificial urn with lights and a wooded bear that stands next to it on the porch. We tried putting up lights the first year we had the Pacific house but Jack didn’t get them down until mid summer. I swore never again.

  2. I know exactly what you mean, Lavada. Putting ornaments on the tree is like visiting with friends for me. We have several from our travels, so it makes hubby and I reminisce. He’d like to downsize our tree, too, but I told him only if the ornaments fit. 🙂

    • Yeah, I know what you mean about fitting. This was a good time for me to downsize as I still had a lot of the kids ornaments so would have needed to buy more for a large tree.

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    A lovely post, Lavada! A tree full of warm, loving memories is the very best kind of tree to have! Hope your Christmas season is going well and is full of blessings, with more to come!! 😛

  4. I love the tradition of annual ornaments as well as getting them as we travel through the year. It’s always fun to pull them out and reminisce about the past times when we see each one. It’s awesome you have the same type thing in your family.

  5. For many years we didn’t bother with a tree and I passed most of my traditional ornaments to my daughter when she set up her own home. A few years ago Dave bought an artificial one, black, with all gold baubles. It looks stunning when lit and Dave has made it his tradition to dress it each year. It didn’t go up until Christmas Eve, which in my family was the traditional time it “arrived” so it was there all lit and pretty with our presents underneath on Christmas morning. Wonderful times. I prefer a real tree, mainly for that lovely piney smell, but oh, the mess the needles make.

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