Florida, Weather and Fires- Guest Author- Hobbes

Hobbes here- sneaking around Jillian’s back again. I noticed she’s been posting some pretty dull things over here and decided she needed a little help. We live in Florida but you’d never know it these last few weeks. Now, today, as my paws are hammering out this post, it’s 73 degrees and sunny, sunny. A perfectly perfect day. A couple of weeks ago, it got down to 24 degrees a couple of days with a high only in the 40s. For you Celsius people that 73 Fahrenheit today would be 23 Celsius. BUT the 24 Fahrenheit we had those days would be something like negative 4 Celsius. That is pretty cold, people. Even those of us with permanent fur coats get a mite chilled then. Sometimes we get air that cold here but not normally in November. It usually comes in February.

Luckily, Jillian knows how to make fire. What a handy skill that is even though she doesn’t get to use it often. This is me digging the heck out of the fire she made the other day. hobbes fire hog

That contraption they call a Christmas tree should be arriving soon. I always appreciate it when they bring the outdoors inside since I love being out there so much. In fact, every day when Jillian comes home from work, she has to let me out on the screened-porch for a minute so I can make sure outside is still there. She finally caught on to that trick, though and leaves the door open. I thought I was being all slick going out and as soon as she closed the door, asking to come back in but I was not a clever puss after all. She’s on to me and my tricks.

Shhh. Did you hear that? No? Well, I did, and here she comes. *closes laptop and meows nonchalantly.*

14 responses to “Florida, Weather and Fires- Guest Author- Hobbes

  1. From a kitty lover and another Floridian, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your blog today. It’s so clever! 🙂

  2. You seem like a really sharp fellow there,Hobbes, but I am not surprised that Jillian caught onto you. She talks about your, (oh, what’s another word for “antics”?)…, particular characteristics. You’d get along with a couple of my Kitty Characters here.

  3. Hobbes! About time you stopped by for another visit. We we wondering where you were. Dude says hi and he completely agrees about the fireplace. We have a woodstove here and it’s apparent he considers fire building a good human trait. 🙂 He also says for you to stay warm and come visit when you can. You two could really make life interesting for us humans.
    Uh oh…

  4. Love, love, love your picture. Just getting up and what a happy way to start the day. Warm is good. And, the Christmas tree will be there before you know it.

    • Thanks. I was a little peeved at Jillian for taking that photo but I got over it. And warm IS good. Looking forward to that tree. Jillian is dragging around this year and she needs to get busy.

  5. Shhh, Hobbes, don’t let on, but this is Bunny here. I’m mighty jealous of your lovely weather. Shall have to get my owner, Kit, to send me out for a visit. Kit’s keeping the Christmas tree hidden for the time being but I’m in grave danger of being perched on the top this year. Anyone would think I’ve been up to mischief… 🙂

    • Come over and visit us, Bunny. I’ll try to sneak out in the car (not sure I can reach the pedals and see over the dash but I’ll enlist the aid of that big dog next door) and get you at the airport. Kit needn’t know a thing. She’d probably panic but once you got back home, she would be all over you with tons of treats.

      Good luck with the tree.


  6. Hi Hobbes, it’s Vivvy the puppy here. I’m staying with Tricia for two weeks and, like you, I’m pretty gorgeous. I’m glad you managed to sneak out. Isn’t it great to be outside? That Christmas tree thing is happening here today, but it’s only a pretend one. I wish we could have a real one, then I could amuse myself pulling at the branches. Still, nobody said we can’t have fun with fake stuff, did they? Stay warm, Hobbes. You sound like a real cool cat 🙂

    • Well, Hello, Vivvy, I usually don’t hang out with pups- they make a lot of noise – but you sound like a nice girl and I bet you are lovely.

      Still waiting for a tree at Chez Chantal. I am about to give up on these yokels.

      I like to think I’m cool. Suave even. You know, I do wear a tux.

  7. Valerie J. Patterson

    Hobbes you are just so sneaky and clever. Loved that picture, too!! I’m glad Jillian is there for your entertainment!!

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