Romancing The Stones

Along with two friends, I recently attended a Mind, Body & Spirit show that offered everything from scented candles to palmistry, chakra dancing to eyebrow waxing. Perfectly happy with my eyebrows, I went because I’ve always had a longing to have my palm read or a tarot reading, having an interest in the world of spirit (and not just the alcoholic sort!). That frisson of curiosity. A fascination with the unexplained. Yes, there are charlatans and forgers. Yes, astrology and star charts can be interpreted any which way to make them fit. But there are other psychics and clairvoyants who are so convincing, there has to be something in it. I am a great fan of Colin Fry and watch his shows on TV, however, until I personally get “a message”, there is always that niggle of doubt. I wouldn’t say I’m a sceptic, far from it – there has to be something in it else millions of people worldwide for millennia wouldn’t have believed in it. And, as I am very much the character my star sign says I’m supposed to be, I’m forever searching for the “truth”.

At the show, I walked around, looking at the many stalls, listening in to conversations, judging and gauging who would be best for me to approach, before I was drawn back to a particular gentleman, Les Cross, whose eye I caught. We struck up a conversation, mainly about ghosts and my interpretation of them. At the same time, I was very cautious not to give him any information about myself. He suggested I might like to try an Astrogem Geomancy reading. I’d never heard of this, so Les took great pains to explain what it was and how it worked. So who was I to resist?

Geomancy itself is not new; is one of the oldest known oracles. Making predictions based on the signs and symbols of Earth can be traced back some 3,000 years and was widely employed to tell fortunes and answer questions of almost every kind. Indeed, many great leaders and generals have used geomancy, consulting the “Oracle” etc before great battles, but it has largely fallen from use. Geomancy was once classified as one of the seven “forbidden arts”, along with necromancy, hydromancy, aeromancy, pyromancy, chiromancy (palmistry) and spatulamancy (scapulimancy).

Les has devised Astrogem Geomancy as a new a method of divination combining geomancy (written in the sand; or bones, or entrails or tea leaves etc) and astrology (written in the stars) into a single oracle using gemstones to represent both the geomantic figures and the astrological planets.  I later found out Les has written a book about this system and is actively seeking others to learn his discipline by giving free tutorials on the Internet. He seems a very honest, open and genuine chap, and others in the fortune-telling field give him much credence.


Among the gemstones used are obsidian, hematite, amethyst, lapis lazuli, bloodstone, orange calcite, red jasper, malachite and howlite, each representing one of the 16 geomes, for example: health, family, friends, disposition, work and their position relative to the planets. The gemstones are “cast” on to a chart which allows the diviner to provide a reading or prediction.

Les asked if I wanted a 3-month, 6-month, a year or a lifetime prediction. I went for the 12-month option. It was interesting in that having cast my gems, Les picked up immediately on three issues that affect my life: constant poor and disturbed sleep, giving too much of my time to others without taking enough “me” time, and that I often agree to do something without thinking the whole thing through first, jumping straight in with both feet. Okay, that could go for many people and could have been a lucky guess.

The Prediction: There were several; the main ones being I would be given and should accept the opportunity to work with or teach youngsters which would involve a short journey. That I will be asked to act as an executor for a will or on a legal matter by a distinguished gentleman and should listen to his advice but be cautious, to follow any intuitive warnings and act on them. That I will be travelling abroad next year, not for leisure purposes but to learn or something involved with learning. That there would be a major opportunity to grow my career/public visibility and that I should make myself available when this opportunity arises. Lastly, came a warning ­– that I should make myself less available to a younger female “friend” who calls on my time a lot, that she is exceedingly jealous of me and will use any occasion to make mischief or cause trouble. Scary!

It’s going to be an interesting year to see how this all progresses and what, if anything, comes of Les’s forecast. Watch this space…

11 responses to “Romancing The Stones

  1. Very interesting and I look forward with interest as to what might become!

  2. This is a really intriguing blog, Kit. I’ll admit to a lot of curiosity about, well, fortune-telling, for lack of a better word. However, I’ve much more of a superstition about it than a curiosity, so haven’t tried it at this point. You’ll have to revisit this issue a year from now and let us know how the predictions played out.
    And thank you for sharing. I may be superstitious, but it’s really interesting stuff. 🙂

    • Of course, Laurie, one has to be careful of not making events fit the predictions, but it certainly gives one pause for thought. It’s either very clever guesswork or the real deal. Time will tell. 🙂

  3. WOW!!! I’m interested to watch how this year plays out. My mother seemed to pick up on things but I think I’m to dense to ‘feel’ things. She even read cards and it was amazing how things came to pass. One time she told me that we would be getting some money from a water source. Yeah right, Jack and I were newly married and getting money was a dream. A few months later the community water sold and we got a portion of the proceeds. We didn’t even know they had it for sale.

    Keep us posted Kit.

  4. It’s scary when a prediction comes true, Lavada. They can’t all be put down to coincidence, surely? I’m not sure how I feel about some of those predictions for me, and I’m still puzzling over the “younger friend” warning. All my friends are older than me! Either that, or someone’s not quite honest about their age…! 2015 is certainly going to be an interesting year. 🙂

  5. very intriguing. I can’t wait to see how it pans out. I am also fascinated by these kinds of things. I hadn’t heard of this particular art.

    • I hadn’t heard of it before either, Jillian, so will be keeping a look out for more about it. Les does have a website if anyone is interested in finding out more and he probably can explain how it works better than I can. 🙂

  6. I am so fascinated by this, Kit. I’d never heard of Astrogem Geomancy before you had this reading. It will be interesting to see how the predictions pan out as the year progresses. Just watch out for those ‘younger’ friends who enter your life 😉

  7. Thanks, Tricia. Before I make friends with anyone new, I shall be asking their age 🙂

  8. Valerie J. Patterson

    An interesting blog article, Kit. Hope the year ahead is loaded with blessings and all the good that life has to offer.

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