Life Is Getting Better

Well after a crazy October life has settled back down.

No more blaring smoke alarms.  Penny, my sweet little poodle is healing just fine and hasn’t had any ill effects from being bit by another dog.  And my car has been fixed and looks all nice and shiny.

The weather here has turned cold.  The last few mornings its been between 19 degrees to 23 degrees when I get up.  The high isn’t getting much above 45 degrees.  One heck of a cold front, and it’s affecting the midwest with massive snow.  So everyone stay warm and safe.

I haven’t really been doing a lot outside of writing and taking care of Penny.  When it gets cold I just want to be like a bear and hibernate, but maybe I want to be more like my dog.

Here’s the first picture – can you find her?

Penny 11-13-14

And a while later…I think I see a nose:

Penny - 2 11-13-14


9 responses to “Life Is Getting Better

  1. Pleased to hear things are settling down for you and that Penny is healing well. I think the animals have it right by hibernating this time of year 🙂

  2. I see a nose!!!! But that’s about all. Our Dude is such a weather wuss. He’s been moping for days. Actually had to use his cat box this morning because it was too cold for him to go outside. He hates using his box. Lol. Me, I like the cold. Well, I like it as long as I get to be in a nice, warm house. Loving our woodstove right now.
    And I’m glad things are back on an even keel for you, Marie.

  3. Glad life has returned to normal. Penny has it right. So cute!!!

  4. glad life is back on track!! and what fun pics of Penny.. LOL – Jillian

  5. Good to hear life’s back on track and Penny okay. Wish I could hibernate during winter – I hate it. Things certainly look bad on the snow front out there. Stay safe and warm, everyone. 🙂

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    So glad you and Penny both are recovering from the crunch. Stay warm! 😛

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