Introducing the New Puppy

image-6No, not mine at least not for keeps. Sabrina is our new grandpuppy. She is a tiny little girl that is bursting with engery. I know we all say this about our grandkids but… “this puppy is about the smartest little thing I’ve seen.”

She spent the night and the gloomies I have had recently miraculously disappeared. No trouble rolling out of bed this morning.

She’s going to lunch with me today, though she has to stay in the car. This was just an overnight visit as Rick and Linda were going fishing early. She isn’t potty trained so we are making a lot of trips outside and it’s literally freezing. As we stood outside last night when they brought her over, I reminded Rick why I always get puppies in the late spring and summer.

Right now she is sleeping under the desk with her chin resting on my stockinged feet. She’s not afraid of anything and barks to make sure all the scary things know it.

So lots of puppy kisses and funny antics that have me laughing. I’m still holding firm on no more house mates but puppy sitting is a real treat.


11 responses to “Introducing the New Puppy

  1. Ahhh, what a cutie. Will she grow into all that hair? 🙂 Enjoy her while you have her.

    • I don’t think she is going to grow into much of anything. She’s really tiny. I almost forgot to post today and then decided to do both of my November ones. You all no doubt saw the emails where I accidently posted the Nov 24th one (twice). All is well now. Sorry about filling your email in boxes.

  2. How gorgeous is she? Nothing like a cutie with four legs to dispel those gloomies! Looking forward to seeing more photos in the future. Have fun and enjoy 🙂

    • She had her ears done the day after I had her. Linda had forgotten her lead so stopped by on the way to the vets and Sabrina was wiggling like crazy to get to me. We have definitely bonded. She was only here a night and day and I missed her when she went home.

  3. so cute. Glad you had a lovely visit with the grand-dog. Too bad about the potty training in the cold. LOL

  4. She’s gorgeous. I want to cuddle her!

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    She’s adorable! 😛 So glad you got to pooch sit for your son. Perhaps you can have other overnight visits if only to bring multiple smiles to your face, Lavada!

  6. She is adorable, you need a puppy, that coming from a friend that is too far away to dog-sit for you.

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