A Bit of Paradise by Valerie J. Patterson

I had a completely different topic in mind for this blog article, but here I sit with my toes deep in luxurious beach sand and out popped this article instead.

The bubbly hubby and I are on holiday at the Outer Banks where the temperatures are a wonderful 83 degrees and absolutely no humidity daily and the evenings are balmy in the 70s.  Our days are spent lazily on a private beach we’ve been sharing with less than a dozen people.  Every hour or so we run into the surf and crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean.  There are no cares here on the beach.  We sip chilled glasses of juice or ice cold bottles of water, snack, nap, search for sea shells, talk quietly, and soak up the beauty surrounding us.

But this article is not about the holiday in its entirety.  That’s coming next month complete with some photographs.  No, this blog is about what happened at the beach today.

I was studying the horizon–vast spanse of blue sky meeting vast spanse of ocean–and what should appear?  Two dolphins frolicking in the water.  Their beautiful, water-silkened bodies literally leapt out of the ocean, arcing gracefully before plunging back into the water’s depths.  Then again, they appeared as though playing a game of tag.  Over and over these two beautiful creatures danced in and out of the water to my very delight and ecstatic pleasure.

Because it’s off season, the dolphin and whale watching tours are done. Steve and I were certain we would have little chance of seeing any dolphins. Then it happened. I was right where I was supposed to be, looking exactly where I needed to be looking, and the dolphins were there right where they were supposed to be, and I had a wee bit of paradise.

Until next time, may you find paradise right where you least expect it to be.


12 responses to “A Bit of Paradise by Valerie J. Patterson

  1. I can almost see it from here. What a great experience.

  2. You’re not kidding that’s paradise. Wow. What a great vacation, and a nice send off to summer.

  3. I love, love dolphin sightings! We’re lucky to have them longer in the gulf than they have them in the Atlantic. So glad you got to see them. Jillian

  4. What a great experience that must have been, Valerie! Magical. Looking forward to hearing more about your holiday.

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Thank you, Tricia. It was perhaps my most favorite part. I was so disappointed when we learned the dolphin and whale watching tours were done for the year, Then, one of the pier attendants told us about a pair of dolphins that regularly swam near shore and I only hoped to catch a glimpse of them. I was so happy when they appeared on our third day. 😛

  5. How fabulous. Always watch out for dolphins when I’m near the sea – so far no luck. One day, though… one day. Sounds like you are having a fabulous holiday and look forward to hearing all about it. 🙂

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Thanks, Kit! You keep your eyes searching and I hope you see dolphins very soon! They are wonderful creatures, and I was overjoyed seeing them. Something so simple as seeing them playing in the water was the best! 😛

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