Late Again


It might be a good thing that I don’t have a paid contract to write this blog or I would have been fired a long time ago. Today though I might have a good excuse.  Granddaughter went in the hospital last night to have her baby so we were all excited about a new grandchild—nope they sent her home this morning.   She is thirty-three, first baby and so excited so of course we were all anxious.  They will give her a few more days and then see what happens.  So, no picture of the new great granddaughter at this time.

I really did not have much to tell you this time, cows are fat and lazy. We finally have rain and they are trying to decide if they really want to walk into the barn or if I should come out in the field and feed them.  We’ll see who wins, easier for me to feed in the barn but then I have to clean up after them.

Missy is her same obnoxious self, she still is picking on Daisy and we are threatening to cage her at night if she doesn’t quit and if she doesn’t quit being so selfish. I haven’t ever had a selfish dog but she is certainly one.  She refuses to share her toys, she will pile them all up in front of her and if I take one and give it to Daisy she will run get in and put it back before I even get turned around.  GRRRR.

The one thing that has kept me very busy the past few weeks is my ex-daughter-in-law selling her house and moving from a five bedroom, three bath house-into a two bedroom, two bath condo. It is really perfect for her now that the kids are almost grown.  Kaylea will go away to school next year and James—well he is just 24!!  So we started moving Theresa and Kaylea in the summer and now James, he is moving from the old house into the new condo garage, interesting to say the least.   He has a good job but just isn’t ready to buy his own place, maybe soon.  Meanwhile I swear he has kept every BB since he was 6, they, of course, are not in boxes but everywhere.   So we are moving him from a nice bedroom to a very nice garage!!  He is happy and so is his Mom and sister and of course Grandma likes seeing him someplace where he is with his family.  A lot of his things are coming out to Grandma and Grandpa’s.  Love having a barn with heated rooms and a loft!!

Meanwhile, enjoy the fall season it seems to be flying by, maybe that is because we have been have 90 degree weather until this week. I was so ready for a little rain!!




6 responses to “Late Again

  1. Hi, Nancy. Even late, your blogs are entertaining. So no way do you get out of this volunteer activity. 🙂 It sounds like the grandkid move is going pretty smoothly, albeit…complicated. And I hope, next month, to see pictures of that newest family member!

  2. Seems Grandma isn’t the only one glad James is still close. Daisy looks like she is grinning ear to ear. And, yes I second Laurie, I’ll take late because I love your blogs.

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    What a great event to wait for…a new baby! Huge blessing, too!

  4. hope the baby has arrived by now! How exciting! love the picture and glad he’s staying close for now.

  5. Couldn’t help but laugh at Daisy’s antics with her toys. They are so funny. Lovely photo. Wonder if the new baby has arrived now…

  6. Apologies, as I too am late – in commenting. Time just seems to be flying by lately. Daisy is such a character – always enjoy reading of her antics. Do hope the new grandchild has arrived safely and hopefully we’ll see a photo or two soon. 🙂

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