October Craziness

Usually the craziness of October doesn’t start until closer to Halloween but this year my October started off with a bang literally.  And the story does have a good ending 🙂

First off, Tuesday the smoke alarm goes off with it’s low battery sound. Ear piercing.  I can not reach the smoke alarm and I don’t climb ladders.  So I call my sister, who graciously comes out after she gets off of work with a battery and replaces it.

On Friday, the smoke/carbon monoxide alarm goes off with low battery.  I shake my head, okay maybe we should replace them all.  Since I have plans to go out with my sister that day, I’ll pick up batteries and she can do them all at once except the one in the family room because I need a bigger ladder.

My niece decided to join us on our day out on Friday.  I talked to my niece and she said her husband could come out and do the smoke alarm in the family room.  All is good.

So we drop my dog off at dog day camp so she can play while we’re all at the casino having fun.

About eleven thirty my niece came up to me and said “we have to go the Penny (my dog) has been injured.”

My heart dropped and I pulled out my cell phone.  Yep, I had messages.  So I go where I can hear and start listening to the messages.  My niece takes the phone number for me and calls the vet – this is not her normal vet but a critical care emergency vet.

Get as much information as I can, my Penny was bit by a bigger dog.  Now my Penny is a 4 pound, toy poodle.  She has puncture wounds, fractures and they need to make sure the lung isn’t punctured.  Over the phone I authorize everything and ask if I can see her.  Told yes come in and see her before we put her under.

We all pile into my car.  My niece knows where the vet is at so she gives me directions.  There’s road construction and a lane is closed.  I pull over into the other lane, stop, the guy behind me stops, we’re sitting talking.  My niece is telling me I need to turn when we get to the bottom of the hill and wham.

A big rig hit the car behind me which threw him into me.  My sister flew out of the car and I’m thinking “Oh crap.”  Then look in my rear view mirror.  The car behind me has been smashed and my sister (being a nurse) is rendering first aid to the couple in the car behind me.  None of us in my car are hurt.

911 is called, police, fire and ambulances all come out.  Statements taken, information given, witness information given.  Advised by first responders we will probably be sore but if anything feels wrong, get medical attention.  After about an hour and a half, we’re on our way to the vet.  My SUV is drive-able.

Get to the vets, my baby is in an oxygen cage, they have her bandaged up and have started her on pain meds and antibiotics.  Penny responds to my touch and voice, I talk with her and assure her she’s going to be okay.

Talk with the vet, they will put her under, check to make sure her lungs have not been affected, put drains in her and go from there.  She does have fractured ribs.  They will call me tonight with an update to let me know how she’s doing.  As for the oxygen, the vet thinks it was just the trauma of everything and fractured ribs.

We leave the vet and go to where I take her to dog day camp.  The manager is waiting, I had already called to let her know I was on my way.  I love the place I take my dog to.  They are very good with her and love her to death.

They are not sure exactly what happened, the manager was watching and for some reason a dog my dog has played with before and been around picked her up in his mouth.  They think the bigger dog was trying to play.  The minute they yelled at him, he let go of her but of course the damage was already done.  So the rushed Penny to the vet.  And I was not to worry they would be paying for all of Penny’s vets bills.  I thanked the manager and told her I’d keep her updated on Penny’s progress.

The vet called me that night, Penny came through everything very well.  Yes, fractured ribs, bruised lungs but no lung punctures, drains inserted to drain everything out.  But she was doing very well.  And they’ll call me between 6a-7a tomorrow morning with an update of how she did overnight.  If something happens they will call me right away.

Finally get home Friday night, my sister and I can’t find the battery in the smoke/carbon monoxide alarm.  She gets it reset and at least I don’t have to hear the loud noise from a low battery.

Saturday morning, I’m calling my insurance company to report the accident, and realized I handed the police department the wrong insurance card, so call them to give them the correct information.  Vet calls Penny is doing well and I can come visit.  Then the smoke/carbon monoxide low battery goes off again.  I text my niece and ask if her husband can come out this afternoon.  He can, so he comes out, we find the battery replace it and all the others in the house.

I visit my dog at the vet over the next 3 days, she improves each day.  On Monday they re-take x-rays and her lungs are healing, and she’s finally started eating.  On Monday night they’ve had her off oxygen, her drains are pulled out and she can come home on Tuesday.

Tuesday I go get my baby.  She’s so happy to see me and I’m happy to see her acting almost like her normal self.

Animals are so resilient and bounce back.  Each day she’s improving, have to keep her from wanting to jump around, but she’s almost back to normal.  I see the vet again today to have her checked out.  But overall all is good.  My Penny will heal, my car will be fixed in a couple weeks and life is good once again.

Had a couple of crazy days, but life happens that way sometimes.

Here’s a pictures of Penny right after I got her home:

Penny home from hospital 2

Penny home from hospital 1

She now has a purple t-shirt cut to fit her around her middle, because she was scratching at her wounds.  But she’s healing and happy and so is her mamma.


12 responses to “October Craziness

  1. My gosh, Marie. That’s a crazy start to the month! Thank goodness Penny is doing well. That was a serious incident and I’m so glad for both of you that she’s rebounding. I know she was SO happy to get home. And your poor SUV! I guess that’ll be going in the “car-hospital” at some point? Sigh.

  2. Wow talk about having a years worth of stuff in one day. So glad penny is going to be fine poor baby. And I’ve had those alarms go off and can’t reach horrible but at least not more than one at a time. Glad all is well.

  3. OMG – what a dreadful start to the month. But thank goodness Penny and all of you are safe and okay. Life’s a bitch when it hits you all at once. Am positive the rest of the month will be good from now on. As for those alarms, much needed but a pain to change batteries. You’d think manufacturers would come up with something a lot easier to change. I too won’t go up ladders. I won’t even climb up on a chair! Stay safe and a special, gentle hug for Penny. She’s a cutie.

    • Hi Kit, gave Penny a hug from you – a gentle one. She’s doing so much better almost like her old self. Yeah, you’d think the manufacturers would find a way to make them easier to change and mine are also hardwired into my house, I can understand the battery backup but the batteries shouldn’t drain if they’re hardwired. Sigh. We all know men think up these things 🙂

  4. wow! I couldn’t catch my breath through all that. What an adventure you had. I’m glad everyone is okay and little Penny is healing. The rest of October should be a cake-walk. Jillian

  5. Oh my gosh, like Jillian I was holding my breath reading your post. I’m so glad you and Penny are okay. Poor little mite. What a rotten time you had. Hope the rest of the month makes up for it.

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    So very sorry for Penny’s ordeal. So glad she is on the mend. You’re so right to count your blessings instead of your woes.

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