October Already? WOW!

Jillian here. Wow. Another month turned over on the calendar last night and here we are entering the fourth quarter of a very speedily passing year. Cripes, before you know it, I’ll be having another birthday! Of course, I don’t mind them since I usually get gift cards to book stores! What could be better than that?

I have zero fall pictures because here in Florida, it hasn’t arrived yet weather-wise although we have actually had some evenings in the 60s and will have the 50s this weekend (that’s Fahrenheit for you guys over the pond)- this will be magnificent and I will wallow in it by going outside and flopping on the still-green grass.

When I was in Paris in August, it was in the 50s at night and I was really digging it. My son and I went on a Seine river cruise and the cool air was divine. As we waited for our boat to arrive, I was amazed at how many different craft were on the river- a lot of them were dining cruises. Here’s some shots of them since Kit wanted to see some more Paris pictures. How cool that I could segue my post with that, huh? LOL!

12 responses to “October Already? WOW!

  1. Did you go in a covered boat or open air? I think open air is best, but that’s my opinion…and my claustrophobia speaking. Lol.

  2. We share an October birthday. I really like river travel we have taken two river cruises. One down the Yangtze and the Danube and Rhine. Great way to see the country.

  3. Love the photos, Jillian. Never realised there were so many different types of vessels cruising up and down the Seine!

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    I do not think I could ride in those that have no open-air seating or standing. I get motion sick and being all closed in would not be very good for me. :p

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