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Book Review – Divergent

13335037Wow, I would give this story more than a 5 star if I could. I read almost every genre. It’s the story and author who draws me more the genre. Saying that, I realize that I would have missed this one and the series if it hadn’t been for Laurie.

First it’s YA (Young adult) of course I read all of the Twilight series and got pretty into vampire and shifters so I can and do read the genre. I just don’t usually seek it out. So Thank You Laurie.

Second it’s a science fiction about a futuristic world. The thing about this genre is it feels real like it could happen. Wait — it really could happen. With drones buzzing around and… it doesn’t take all that much imagination anymore.

Divergent is the first in a 3 book series and if the others are anything like this one I’ll be sorry to see THE END when I turn that last page in the last book. I literally couldn’t put it down.

Divergent begins in Chicago where society is divided into five factions. Beatrice Prior is born an Abnegation (the selfless). The story opens with her and her brother, having turned sixteen during the year, selecting the faction they will devote the rest of their lives to.

Though most choose the faction their family is in both Beatrice and her brother leave the family fold. Beatrice chooses Dauntless (the brave), and her brother Erudite (the intelligent).

The initiation into the Dauntless faction is extreme with physical tests of endurance and psychological simulations, some with devastating consequences that transforms them all. Beatrice has renamed herself Tris and must determine who her friends really are. To complicate things there is a budding romance with a Dauntless boy.

This book has lots of action and a plot that kept me turning pages. Then there are the characters that the author draws so well that they stayed with me when I put the book down. And are still beckoning me to the next one.

I’m not into series where you have to read the next book as the preceding one leaves you hanging and won’t start one if I know it. This is a stand alone, in that it ends but… I can’t wait to get the next one.