White Chocolate Hot Chocolate- Angelinas

Jillian here.  Before I went to Paris, someone recommended Angelina’s, a pastry shop that has been in business since, I think, 1903. It’s a lovely place and I was told to try the white chocolate hot chocolate. They also have a signature pastry called Le Mont Blanc- it’s meringue, light whipped cream and chestnut cream vermicelli. It

seems they had a summer version with strawberry center and cream as well. I had that and it was so good. The vermicelli was a bit too sweet for me so I didn’t finish the treat but what I did eat, I enjoyed.

Now, about that white chocolate hot chocolate? It was divine and so yummy. I loved, loved it. They brought it out with a neat presentation as well. I got a cup and saucer placed before me then to either side of the cup, they added a small pot of whipped cream and a larger pot of the hot chocolate. I poured some of the chocolate into the cup, then added some cream. It was like heaven.

If you get to Paris, make your way to the Rue De Rivoli and enjoy!!


12 responses to “White Chocolate Hot Chocolate- Angelinas

  1. YUMMY!!!!!!!! I’ll bet you’ve got a lot of taste memories from Paris.

  2. OMG! That is divine looking! Wow. Sounds like, if you’re going to treat yourself, this is the place to go.

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    I am a hot chocolate connoisseur! I don’t drink coffee or tea, but hot chocolate I am very fond of. Yours looked exquisite and so yummy! I’m not a sweets person, so you ate more of your dessert than I would have eaten. 😛

    • I have googled a couple of white chocolate hot chocolate recipes, Valerie and I’m going to see if I can recreate it. It’ll be fun to try. And yeah, the sweet was def too sweet.


      • Valerie J. Patterson

        Have you tried cinnamon in your hot chocolate? Or a peppermint stick? Excellent! Let me know, please, if you find a recipe you like for the white chocolate. Thanks! 😛

      • I have done the peppermint and even spearmint (not so good) but not cinnamon. I’m going to try it. And I’ll let you know about the white.


  4. Ah chocolate. Any kind is good, but white chocolate…mmmm. Glad you got to Angelinas. It is certainly worth a visit.

  5. Mouth watering. Sounds like my kind of place and would need to be dragged out kicking and screaming for more. Love white chocolate. Now, why haven’t we got somewhere like that over here? Or perhaps we have – shall have to investigate.

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