Harvest Time

imageSeptember is here and with it harvest time. Years ago we used to garden but even with Jack’s amazing green thumb we never had a lot of luck with tomatoes. They grew but didn’t ripen, mainly because of the cool often-wet summers. Not so this year. I had just picked them when I took this photo and have gotten quite a few. Certainly enough to make planting them worthwhile.

Of course having raised beds makes gardening easy. So with two tomato plants and one cucumber I’ve had plenty for me and even to give away.

Okay so now I just read an article that says, “tomatoes don’t have to be a deep red to be an outstanding source of lycopene.” So maybe not as ripe as I’ve been expecting. They are also listed as one of the healthiest foods. This wasn’t the case in the beginning. In the 1500’s they were thought to be poison as they belong to the nightshade family. Starting out as smaller, more like our cherry tomatoes we now have literally hundreds of different varieties. I choose planting ones that are early producing because of the weather. Favorites include New Girl, Jet Star, Fantastic, and First Lady but I usually plant Early Girl, again because of our weather.

What about you, what is your favorite crop in the garden?


20 responses to “Harvest Time

  1. May have to come and raid your tomatoes. Ours are awful this year. I think it was too cold too long maybe we will have lots in October. One of our favorite cherry tomatoes is Sun Gold eat them off the vine soooo good. Those we do have just not many big tomatoes .

  2. Tomatoes belong to the nightshade family? Yikes. Good thing they aren’t poisonous because we love them here. And every year I “suggest” hubby plant one plant. He listens well. We have like FIVE of them this year. I’m full of tomatoes, even after giving as many away as we can. Problem is, they’re like zuchini because everyone plants them. 🙂

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    Leaf lettuce! Nothing makes a sandwich better than fresh leaf lettuce from the garden. Steve’s gram always had a garden and she grew the best onions, cucumbers, t’maters and radishes (I think she grew radishes, but now I’m second guessing myself). But the crunch of fresh lettuce just makes a good salad or sandwich that much better. We used to have two peach trees in our back yard [need a male and a female to produce fruit]. The best peaches EVER! One summer lightning struck the female tree and split her in half. I was so sad. Had to cut her down. They’re both gone now.

    I’m glad you had a good crop, Lavada! 😛

  4. very cool info about the tomato. I think I heard once that it was thought to be poisonous early on in history. I didn’t know they were of the nightshade family. I’m glad you had luck with them this year! The fav thing we grow is watermelons

  5. Well done on your successful crop! I love cherry tomatoes, but can never seem to grow them. I’m happy if anything survives my attempts at planting. Strangely enough, the redcurrant bush seems to thrive though and a friend of mine makes jam with them.

    • I have a friend that says she takes out flowers that aren’t happy. I may be doing the same thing as some plants like geraniums love it here and others struggle.

      I have found that the Roma tomatoes seem to do the best here.

  6. Nothing beats the taste of a freshly picked tomato. We grow ours in a greenhouse, always far to many plants for us two. This year Dave grew chocolate tomatoes – named for their dark skin, cherry type and the taste fabulous. We are awash with tomato soup and sauce although my favourite to make with them is gazpacho – love it. I’ve been tempted to make tomato chutney but the toms are so small, I think there would be too much skin, which I don’t like eating and they are too fiddlely to skin.

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