Paris, a Mime, and a Crowd

Jillian here. My son and I had a wonderful trip to France(for the most part) but I came home with a horrible cold/cough. I’m feeling better now but it was a tough week or so after I got home since I still had the day job obligations as well as all the digging out from being away. Sometimes what I come home to makes me wonder if it was worth going at all but then that passes pretty quickly. LOL

I  have a few photos to share. I won’t go overboard since I took close to 500. I was shocked (in a nice way) about the number of carousels I saw in Paris and the surrounding area. I was also pleased to see how the city likes to set up places for the children to play and enjoy themselves. I think that’s awesome.

I couldn’t resist the picture of the mime checking his text messages. You know they can’t call and chat, right? LOL

We visited a lot of museums and I can say with no trouble that the only place I truly didn’t enjoy was Versailles. It was ridiculously overcrowded. We could not move in the place and people were pushing and shoving. I swear 55 people tried at one time to get through one doorway at one point. I told my son I was done and would buy the book. He said, “You’re over it, huh?” AND that summed  it up. I was glad we’d gone to Fontainebleau the day before. Much more enjoyable as I could actually see the rooms and the furnishings. I don’t recommend Versailles at all. 2014-08-16 13.43.00 2014-08-18 14.10.44 2014-08-15 20.55.06 2014-08-17 14.53.21 2014-08-21 16.47.29 2014-08-15 22.00.26

17 responses to “Paris, a Mime, and a Crowd

  1. Love the pictures Jillian. Sounds like you came back with some beautiful memories to add to you collection.

    I came home from China sick with the flu but it didn’t hit until we were on the plane. I’m sure I passed in on but there wasn’t much I could do.

    I really like carousels and have a small collection of porcelain carousels horses so would have enjoyed touring Paris’s.

    • It was a lovely trip full of memories and new stories! As to the carousels, I kept telling son we needed to ride one- he thought I was joking so we never did. I love them, too. The one in Fontainebleau was awesome- loved the giraffes in particular. I love that you have a collection of the horses. You would have loved them as they were all old but in great condition.

      Bummer about the flu from China. Son told me I had SARS from the man who coughed on my neck in the Louvre. LOL – and yep, we have no choice with that recirculated airplane air, do we?

  2. Valerie J. Patterson

    Sounds like you had a great time, and what a way to spend some quality time with your son? Thanks for sharing a few photos with us. I’ll bet Paris at night was quite lovely! Glad you’re home and feeling better. Now you have some nice memories to revisit when you’re feeling a tad blue. 😛

    • We did. It was great, Valerie. And yep, nice memories to drag out to remind me of the fun. He’s off at college now 3 hours away and is missed for sure. Even Hobbes the cat is moping. And Paris at night is gorgeous. The Eiffel Tower picture was of the lights/sparklers that go off every thirty minutes. It’s spectacular.


      • Valerie J. Patterson

        Every 30 minutes, you say? I did not know they did that. Pretty cool. 3 hours is not so bad. Visits can still be made. Poor Hobbes. I hope he perks up soon! 😛

      • Yep. I think the guy said on the hour and 1/2 hour. It was very cool. And yeah, 3 hours is way closer than the other son went. Lol. Hobbes is back to his wild self now.


  3. Sounds like you had a great time mostly. It’s good to hear about Versailles because that’s always been on my list. Now I may not choose it if i have multiple choices. I can’t take a crowd! So wonderful to have that time with your son. I travel-dream of places to take my daughter. Scotland is on that list! Paris is on hers.

    • I did have a great time, Ali. And yeah, the crowd was horrendous at Versailles. Stay away. Lol. And I love, love Scotland. Fav place on planet. I went there with my other son and his now wife, then fiancée, when they lived in London. I’ve had some great chances to travel and am grateful for it.


  4. An excellent start to what I hope will be a few weeks or months of trip pictures trickling in. You know I’m living vicariously through you, right? 🙂

  5. Love the pictures! I’ve only been to Paris once, but loved it.

  6. So pleased you had a great time in Paris, Jillian, but sorry about the crowds at Versailles. All the pushing and shoving is what I hate most about seeing landmarks at certain times of the year. Great photos!

  7. I wish the trip had been completely perfect for you, but judging by the pictures,it was well worth it all. Your choice of what to post here is exceptional; they say so much with so few images! Thanks for sharing and I’m glad that you are feeling better.

  8. Sounds as though you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves. Never been to Paris, although I have flown over it at night – quite a sight. Perhaps one day I’ll get to visit the city. Looking forward to more pictures! 🙂

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