Simple Pleasures

Hubby and I were walking at a local park a while back and came across a family stopped in the middle of the path. Their son, who looked to be around 5 or 6, was crouched down, with a small branch of red berries in his hand, staring at something.


As we got closer, we saw what he was looking at and I just had to take a picture (with his parents permission, of course.) You see, he’d found a banana slug trying to make its way across the asphalt path. And he’d decided it needed decorating, as shown in the picture below.


Ah, the simple pleasures in life, eh? His parents beamed like he’d created a masterpiece. Hubby and I chuckled our way through the rest of the walk, talking about the simple things we used to do as kids for fun. Like using cardboard and old wood to make forts that must be defended. 🙂 And how about tossing blankets over dining room chairs to create an indoor fort? Or using an old jar to catch bugs in. Then, to Mom’s disgust, tearing up her flowerbed to make a muddy roadmap that our toy cars and trucks could travel along. (I was a bit of a tomboy growing up…played more with my brothers than my sisters, I think.)

What about you? What did you have fun with when you were growing up? Whatever they were, I hope you are still enjoying some simple pleasures in life.


12 responses to “Simple Pleasures

  1. Ah I remember those blanket tents. My kids played in them and even the grandkids. When I was a kid we lived in a rural area with acreage. The folks never did much with it and it grew up in green ferns that were over our heads. We would make houses with rooms and play ‘house’. Hours and hours of fun and imagination.

  2. That is so cute. I grew up on a strawberry farm and there were summers we never went into town except right before school started for school supplies and clothes. We made up lots of games. My favorite was Kick Goal. We set up these goal posts (no idea what kept them up for years ) then we would see who could kick the football over from farthest away. Honest think I could have been a pro field goal kicker!!!

  3. That is so lovely. With all the new fangled, and expensive, games out there, it’s nice to know children still have the capacity for the simple pleasures. We used to do the tent thing and I remember re-enacting Seven Brides for Seven Brothers using my Dad’s decorating ladder and buckets, brooms, etc. Happy days. Oh, and I always loved jumping and splashing in puddles (still do when nobody is looking)!

    • I LOVE Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! Still pull that movie out every once in a while to watch. And good for you, still splashing through puddles. Who cares if someone sees. If it puts a smile on your face, I say go for it. We’ve got rain today for the first time in a while. Maybe I’ll go find a puddle to jump in. 🙂

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Okay…eew! Have no idea what a banana slug is and would never decorate it! lol!! Creepy crawly things are not my favorites. While growing up, I lived at the open-end of a dead-end street. There was a field at the end and we would build forts and clubhouses that our neighbor lady would tear down after we went home to eat dinner. Next day, we’d build again! I used to steal raspberries out of Douglas’ beautiful patches. He’d catch my lying there on my back popping them into my mouth one after another and he’d shoosh me out. Mrs. Wascowich always had candy to hand out to us, too. But I think it was her way of keeping us quiet for a wee bit! And, I loved to ride my bike, reenact plays and musicals, and sell lemonade on the corner. Life was simpler back then…and so much fun!! 😛

    • I was initially appalled that he was touching a slug, but the simple pleasure thing caught on quick in my mind. And lemonade stands? How could I forget those? We still see them pop up in our neighborhood and always stop.
      Honestly, I think we had to be more inventive in our fun back then, didn’t we?

      • Valerie J. Patterson

        Oh, we were definitely more inventive as children. We had free, uninhibited use of our imaginations and anything at all was possible. Why can’t adults recapture some of that freedom? Life would be a lot more fun!! 😛

  5. So cute, and I am so laughing. Now why can’t all slugs be decorated that way? Maybe then we gardeners wouldn’t hate them so much!

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