Sorry I missed my blog last week. Don’t even have a good excuse!! Is summer flying by or what? Today we went to our first fall softball game—honestly didn’t we just finish the State Tournament? But it was a beautiful, dusty day and always fun to watch our little granddaughter!!

Let’s see what have I done this summer? Well I had two weeks of County Fairs, very hot County Fairs. After our fair I took Jamie to the fair across the river with her goats. Lots of fun and pretty relaxing. Then towards the end of that fair I had my ?? class reunion. I tried to get them to let me put 40 years on the invitations but nobody believed that would work. Always so fun to see some of my very good friends from high school who have moved away and even the ones who live close that I never see. Sadly we have lost several of our classmates now and several spouses. We have our reunion at our local restaurant here in our small town and have it on their patio, always worry about the weather but no need to worry this year it was very warm.

After the two fairs we took a nine day vacation to the beach to celebrate Jamie’s birthday. It is like a weeklong party for her, lots of excitement and lots of fun. We always go down on the beach for her actual birthday and have a fire with hot dogs and, of course, Smores!! Then there is the trip to the Tillamook Cheese Factory to have the best ice cream in the world!! The little seashore town where we go has a candy store and a Candy Man, who is so good with the kids so Jamie and company have to have their picture taken with him. I am sending you the picture. Doesn’t he look like a fun guy? I don’t know how long he has been doing this but I don’t remember him never being there. Then, of course, we always have camp fires and lots and lots of Smores. I really need to exercise hard before winter starts and I cuddle down with a good book!!IMG_1467

This year we took just Missy camping, she is such a good little camper. I think it might be because she has my undivided attention. Daisy stayed home with our house sitter and Andy, whose parents were away to a family reunion in Michigan. Daisy and Andy have so much fun together I was sure she wouldn’t miss me, but now that we are home she won’t let us out of her sight. Poor baby! Andy has really adjusted to farm life this summer and loves to go exploring which is very good for Daisy who won’t go out of the small pasture between our house and barn without one of us with her.

Oh, and then we have this garden!! We planted, then replanted and finally I think both plantings came up. So we have early beans and later beans and tall corn and small corn but we also have deer. So far they have not bothered the garden but I am sure that is coming. What they have eaten is about ¾ of our Asian pears and trimmed the tree for us while they are in the process. Andy is the only dog that will get after them, Daisy just looks at them and goes about her business and Missy could care less.

I hope you are having a fun summer, autumn is almost here and that is my favorite time of the year. I can hardly wait to start getting out my fall and Halloween things!!

Couldn’t resist sending this picture of Jamie and a new born goat at one of the fairs. Jamie named her Bambi and she was quite a hit with all visitors.IMG_1125


6 responses to “AUSGUST

  1. I always love your posts. Brings back memories of simpler times. I haven’t gardened for a number of years and no more canning. Yep fall is almost here. I think it is the most fragrant time of the year.

    The asian pears are a bumper crop up here so if you want some let me know. We never seem to get around to thinning them so they are small but I like them that way as they are so juicy they are less mess.

    Love the pics. Goats are the one animal we never had but they always looking like fun.

  2. How adorable is Bambi? Sounds like you’ve had a really busy summer 🙂 Sorry to hear about the deer eating your pears, but at least you’ve had Andy to chase them away!

  3. Yep, I love your day to blog, Nancy. Glad you caught us up. Jamie and Bambi are adorable! And you certainly manage to keep busy over the summer. Wow. But it’s all fun stuff, eh…with a little hot weather thrown in. I’m with you. I love Autumn!

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    What an adorable goat!! So glad to hear the deer are giving your garden a miss. Sorry about the pears, though. Here, they eat the tops off of newly planted saplings and that’s the end of the tree!! 😛

  5. Gosh, what a busy time you’ve had, and great photos. Bambi is a little cutie! Great reading your post, as always.

  6. sounds like a great summer. I want some ice cream now!! Jillian

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