Roadmaps of Our Lives

P1100068A couple years back, hubby and I bought a world map and decided to hang in on the wall in our house. We grabbed some of those little stick pins, too, and started marking places we’d visited. It turned out to be a cool walk down memory lane as we plunked pins into place we’ve been. It also, to hubby’s chagrin, gives me a visual of how much there is still to explore. There are places I’d still like to see, like New Orleans and Australia. P1100149


But there are some great moments stuck on that map. Like seeing the northern lights in Alaska. And visiting hubby’s cousin, who carved an oasis out of a cornfield in Guatemala. I like to look at this map. It’s a reminder of adventures we’ve taken together. A memory map. It brings all the pictures scattered around, and the little knick-knacks picked up various places, into a cohesive story. It mingles with all the family heirlooms and pictures, reminding us how lucky we’ve been to have had the chance to see these things.


Do you have memories scattered around your house? Is it a map of the best parts of your life? Of your travels? Family? Do you have a favorite? Mine is quickly becoming this map (well, right after the family stuff, of course). 🙂


12 responses to “Roadmaps of Our Lives

  1. The map is an excellent idea. We managed to bring a piece of where we went in the form of jewelry, and local creations. Like a hand carved elephant and giraffe from Africa. I can still see Jack and a friend negotiating the price with the artist. And, pictures so many pictures. I should see about getting them in an album.

  2. Isn’t is nice to just look around and see the bits and pieces that remind us of what we’ve experienced and how lucky we’ve been? 🙂

  3. Great idea, Laurie. I usually bring a small memento back from the places we visit, but love the idea of using a map to pinpoint. Recently, we bought one of those large picture frames with smaller picture sections inside and have put photos of the puppies we’ve boarded in them. A sort of ‘rogue’s gallery’. It makes me smile every time I look at it. Happy memories indeed!

  4. What a lovely idea the map is. Most of my memories are in the form of photographs, with Mum and my sisters often having the same ones scattered about our homes. That and the cocktail sticks we’ve collected on our travels! Thankfully, travel days are not over as only this weekend, two holidays have been booked in last two days for Sept and Oct. Am more than excited!

    • Cocktail sticks. What a great idea! Of course, all those cocktails were virgins, right? 🙂 I hope we get to hear about your newest adventures coming up in future blogs!

  5. Great idea! I love it. I’ve been a lot of places and this sounds cool.

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    Every time Steve and I visit a new beach, I bring home a ziplock bag of clean beach sand. I have crystal dishes throughout my dining room and living room with beach sand and seas shells, each labeled with the beach the sand came from. Every now and again, I select a dish and allow the sand to sift through my fingers as I recall the beach and the trip and the time spent with Steve. 😛

    • Another awesome idea. I’ve never thought about bringing sand home, although we did bring a wee bit ‘o green grass home from Ireland for my Irish husband. 🙂

      • Valerie J. Patterson

        Oh! Have you planted it, then? I think I would have brought that home, too. That would be cool. I can hear it now as you tell it to visitors, “And over here, we have the green, green grass of Ireland. Please watch your step.” 😛

        Year before last, I sent my nephew a bag of top soil while he was stationed in Afghanistan so that he always had American soil while he was over there.

  7. Hmmm. By the time we got home, the grass was dried out. I didn’t grab it with the soil. Should have, darn it. But it’s in a nice pocket in the Ireland scrap book. 🙂
    What a GREAT idea, sending your solder American soil. AWESOME idea!

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