Book Review – Facets

1268324The last couple of reads have been slow, so Facets was a welcome respite. It’s a 1990 re-release I picked up at a readers group.

I hadn’t read a Barbara Delinsky book before, but this weekend picked up her latest release and I’m looking forward to getting into her backlist.

Facets spans 1964 to 1990. With this much time it develops the characters in such detail that they stayed with me. When I quit reading for the night I fell asleep thinking of them and reached for the book with that first cup of coffee.

The blurb from the back of the book and the opening chapter makes it seem the main character is Hillary Cox though it isn’t long before Pamela St. George takes the lead. The story starts in 1964 and flips back and forth to keep the reader in the present (1990). Here’s the blurb though I didn’t think it did the story justice.

Nothing can prepare writer Hillary Cox for seeing her lover of 20 years, mining magnate John St. George, announce on television that he’s marrying another woman. Seeking revenge, Hillary begins a tell-all book exposing John and his shady past. John’s sister, Pamela St. George, also wants revenge against her brother. Throughout her life, Pamela has suffered horrifying abuses at John’s hands. She sets out to wrest control of the family’s tourmaline mining business from him. As Hillary attempts to end her obsession with John, Pamela searches for Cutter Reid, the one man she has always loved, and from whom John has always kept her. Now, a three-decade-old family drama of power, duplicity, and money comes hurtling to an explosive final confrontation with the one man who has so damaged their lives.

John St. George is a villain I loved to hate. Even though the author brought out his story, I couldn’t find any redeeming characteristics in him. That Hillary loves him and even when she sets out to get revenge ends up still loving him is a mystery to me. Instead of feeling sorry for how she’s wasted her life I found myself a little discussed with her. So that leaves Pamela St. George and Cutter Reid. Okay now I have characters I love. ESPECIALLY Cutter. ☺

So adding another author to my “have to buy list.”


6 responses to “Book Review – Facets

  1. You’ve got a lot of reading to do, my friend. Lol. I don’t generally read epic stories like this. I like a clear Happily Ever After and I’ve generally been disappointed in decade spanning books. It’s not that they aren’t wonderful. It’s just not my thing. Still, this one does appear intriguing. 🙂

  2. This one did end well. I’ve since read the new release and loved it too.

  3. Another new-to-me author. Like Laurie, I’m not always a fan of decade spanning books, but I could be swayed with this one.

  4. You might want to try one of her other ones. Sweet Sale Air is good and her latest.

  5. I’m never going to have enough time to read all these wonderful books you bring to us, Lavada. Help!

  6. Sounds like my kind of book!

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