Happy 90th birthday, Mom!

Happy 90th birthday, Mom!
A week or so ago, we held a special event in our family. A celebration of the 90th birthday of our mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, cousin, aunt, and friend. The past year was a bit of a health crisis year, but things have leveled out, Mom is healthy and still living in her own house and driving, and we wanted to celebrate this milestone.

We’ve done these gatherings before, and I am continually awed at how well this family works together. First, there were several planning sessions. Wine and/or beer may or may not have been involved, but a lot of work got done, too. Menus planned, venue settled, invite list grown.

One brother and sister-in-law provided the venue…their back yard, God bless them! And if you’ve ever hosted a party, you know what it takes to get that yard to shine extra special. The other brother and sister-in-law provided amazing food, table and chair reconnaissance and delivery, and a special talent for ambiance and decorating I truly admire. Two long distance sisters provided food and lots of moral support. And various cousins and grandchildren also brought food.
When the day arrived, we all congregated…63 adults and children, to honor Mom. It was an afternoon of awesome conversations, reminiscences, and checking in on current lives. And all because of our mother.

She is kind.
She taught me the “family first” rule.
And that being myself was the perfect way to be.
That working together is easier than butting heads.
And that helping people is the best feeling in the whole wide world.

And that’s why my brothers and sisters and I work so well together. And our husbands and wives join in with the same dedication. Because Mom loves us all unconditionally.

I know this is getting pretty sappy, but I can’t stop bragging about the wonderful family I am part of. And the wonderful world we’ve created. A world that keeps expanding with each grandchild and great-grandchild.

By the way, here’s the specs for Mom’s family:

5 children
9 grandchildren
17 great-grandchildren

And a legacy that will live on for years to come. Next stop…100!


17 responses to “Happy 90th birthday, Mom!

  1. A wonderful family and one that’s smart enough to know what they have. Looking at the pictures it’s hard to see that your mother is 90. Love does that for you and she is very much loved as are all of you.

  2. Happy Birthday, ‘Mom’! You are so very fortunate, Laurie. I’ve told you that countless times before, huh? J


  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    Thank you for sharing such a special day with us, Laurie!! It’s easy to see what a close-knit clan you all are. Mom should be proud of the legacy she’s created in her children, who carry on with their own children, who then carry on with THEIR own children. You are very blessed. So glad your mom had a wonderful and memorable day of celebration!!

  4. You’re mum looks amazing, Laurie, and it’s lovely to see her looking so well after her health problems. What a great family you have. It’s a true blessing in life.

  5. Congratulations! Your mom is lovely and lively!

  6. She looks amazing and I loved your sharing, thanks

  7. What a wonderful day and family. Mothers are so special and am so glad I still have mine. We spend as much time as we can together and enjoy every moment. Am raising a glass to your mom and wishing her many more years to come. 🙂

  8. I’m with you, Kit. We’ll take all the time we can get with our Moms, eh?

  9. Way to go, Mom. Rock on toward 100. She looks fantastic and what a legacy!

    • Yep, Mom rocks! She’s doing great, too. Still driving and taking care of herself. I’m way impressed with the genes in this family.

      • woo-hoo!! Good news for you and your genes for sure. MANY happy years for mom ahead, I hope! AND For you, of course!!!!!!! I’m carried away by exclamation points. I NEVER use them in books but do in real life. LOL

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