And Now It July!!

This is the week of our County Fair and actually the first time in over 40 years that I have not stayed on the fair grounds on Monday night. But I am ready to go this morning. Took the trailer down yesterday and the kids took their static exhibits. Alll the animals move in today. It is going to be a quiet fair for me this year, just one grandchild showing animals and we are not taking cows. My grandson chose to just do static exhibits this year. He will be a junior in high school and is super busy with school activities. Although he doesn’t play any sports he might be the busiest one yet as he is very involved in student government and working with handicapped children. Last year we went to a Bocchi Ball tournament for Special Olympics that he helped coach, so much fun and so relaxing.

Next week Jamie and I will go to the Cowlitz County Fair with her goats. My cattle friends give me a pretty bad time when they see me sitting in the goat barn. My favorite, of course, is when they ask me questions about goats, I don’t have a clue!! Guess I need to pick up some 4-H goat books. We do have fun though and it gives us a whole week together. With a ten year old that can be super fun!!

GetAttachment[1]Here is a picture of her meat goat (never eaten goat and not sure I ever want to). She has him and three Nubians this year so that will keep her out of trouble. Also sending a picture that we took during our little town’s celebration the week after July 4th, we draw thousands of people to see our fireworks and the weather was almost perfect. Love the beautiful sunsets we have been having.

I need to apologize right now to my very good friend in Lacy whom I have not had time to go see this summer. I hate it when people say they are too busy but I don’t know what else to say. As soon as these fairs are over I am concentrating on visiting my friends again, especially the one in Lacy!!

Hope your summer is going well. Maybe I will have some fun fair stories for next month!!GetAttachment[1]


7 responses to “And Now It July!!

  1. Gorgeous photos! You certainly seem to have your hands full with the fairs, Nancy. Years ago I did a temporary job at the National Showground here in the UK. I learned so much, especially about Simmental cattle. It was a very interesting experience for a city born girl!

  2. Ahhh fair time again. It’s keeping you young my friend. And, we will catch up on visits. Poor Jim will for sure need ear plugs. 🙂

  3. Ahhh, I LOVE fair time and hearing how the kids did. I read this blog to my husband, who was raised in 4H. He’s been wandering down memory lane ever since. Lol.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    I have never sat in a barn of any kind for any reason. I hope fair days prove to be loads of fun and full of memories for you and yours, Nancy. 😛

    • Thanks everyone. I am sitting in my trailer after 9 hours and one milkshake at a goat show. Long, long day and very hot but we might get rain tomorrow then we will all complain. I love sitting in the barns and visiting with friends that I seldom see. Relaxing and quiet!!!!

  5. Sounds a lot of fun. Always enjoy reading your posts. 🙂

  6. I love fair time! It sounds like it’s busy, busy for you. Funny thing- I was just telling someone the other day about the time I unknowingly ate goat in Mexico and thought it was great until someone told me what it was and I then went, “ugh” LOL!

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