Summer Time

I have to admit after living in California, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m still now use to the seasons here in Washington.

It’s fun to know that there is a spring, summer, fall and winter.  I’m just used to spring, fall and the occasional hot day.  But now, I see it all.

I’m not a big fan of hot weather, anything about 75 is hot to me, but I do enjoy seeing the sun outside my office window and seeing the birds play in my yard.

The other person who loves summer is my dog Penny.  She is a little sun baby.  She can’t wait for the sun to come out so she can go out into the backyard and just lay in the sun.


I have to watch her because she’ll lay out in any sun and can get hot very fast.

Then there’s also days when she’ll do this:


Yep, she’s laying right up against the patio doors sleeping.

I’ll enjoy the sun while I can because I know fall and winter will be here soon enough.


5 responses to “Summer Time

  1. Ahhhh, she is such a cutie! I love the “wiped out by the door” pic. Lol. I will say, we’re headed for a week of high 80’s, low 90’s here and that’s not normal. I also don’t do well in high heat. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

  2. I’m with you on heat. 75 sounds about right but if there is a breeze I can do more and at this house there is usually one. Sometimes it gets pretty windy.
    The other house had A/C but this one doesn’t and I have been assessing if I need it. So far no, but that could change with this heat wave we’re having. I’ve only used the floor fan once but use the ceiling fans quite a bit. So the jury’s still out on the A/C.

    Penny is adorable and it’s great the heat doesn’t affect her.

  3. What a little sweetheart. Love the photos. I always feel so sorry for the fur babies when the temperatures soar!

  4. What a cutie! Lovely photos. I too love being out in the sunshine, although I don’t sit in it for long, a little while then its under the sunshade for me.

  5. What a sweet pup! AND she sure wants to soak up the sun! Jillian

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