Inside My Head and A Thank You to God

Jillian here-  hope you all had a lovely Father’s Day.

DSCN0136Inside my head is a scary place. I can’t seem to remember that the third MONDAY is my day. I keep thinking it’s the third Wednesday – I can always remember the first Wednesday is mine and that I have a day in the third week but blast it all, Monday will not stay in my mind.  Maybe it’s psychological?

Anyway, I remembered in time to pop over here and say something. Points for me!!

These last few weeks in my life have been very stressful and I have been on the verge of a nervous breakdown off and on since the first week of May. This coming week was weighing heavily on my mind and I spent much of the weekend either praying for a certain burden to be removed or worrying about things that may or may not happen.  Don’t you  hate it when you feel like that?

Any way, even thought I know fretting doesn’t work and only makes one miserable, I found myself wallowing in it too much this weekend so every time I would fret, I’d change it to a prayer.

Lo and behold, today, I found that prayer had been answered.  So, the question in my head now is when will I let go and trust that God, who has always taken care of me, will continue to do so? What’s a good way to learn to trust and let things work themselves out without stressing?  Anyone know?


11 responses to “Inside My Head and A Thank You to God

  1. I don’t believe we can every fully find a way to assume that things will work out, although we can work on ways to stress less about it. I’m trying to find some of those myself, having just spent an all but sleepless night worrying over my husband who spent the night sleepless worrying over a possible leak in our roof. (little lol here?). Anyhow, I am a procrastinator by birth, so spent years putting stressors off to the last possible minute. These days, I’m trying to head things off at the pass. To deal with them as soon as I can work up the courage, so I don’t stay focused on it. And I don’t spend days or weeks on “what ifs”. That’s all I’ve found that works for me. As for hubby, we’re working on some alternate methods for him. So far, no luck. I feel so bad for him when he’s this stressed. Sigh.

    • yep, there was a little LOL there on the last night thing.

      The weird thing for me is that I worry more about the clients and their lives than I worry about myself. My fret all weekend was mostly to do with a client and his case. How loony is that?

      I am not a procrastinator but sometimes wish I was. LOL

      • That’s not loony at all. We ALL worry. It just means you care. That empathy thing is raising it’s head again, eh? I know the feeling. Hang in there.

      • You’re right. It IS that empathy critter. Didn’t even think of that. How crazy of me not to realize it.

  2. I agree with Laurie in that we never really learn a way not to stress. So the next best thing is to learn to control it or at least minimize it. Prayer, for sure, but like you, I rarely do it first. Usually it’s when I’m at the bottom and miserable and can’t seem to turn ‘things’ off. Having a friend really helps. One that helps me put things in perspective. I’m fortunate there but again wait to long to share.

    Getting back to prayer, one thing about waiting is that when I ask and he answers I again get the awe of miracles. The sun shines brighter.

    • You’re right about the miracle aspect of it. For sure. You know, I wonder why we are wired in such a way as to ask for prayer after we have stressed and fretted. I guess, maybe, it IS so we will be more grateful for the answers than if we had it all handed to us without some struggle. A life lesson?

  3. Ah, how I wish for an answer to this, Jillian. But I’m in the ‘life lesson’ camp, I suppose 🙂 These days I try not to stress and worry over things I can’t change (so much easier said than done) and keep in mind that quote by Mark Twain: “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”

    I’m glad to hear your concern for your client came good in the end.

  4. Sorry to read that you’ve been having a rough time lately but it is amazing how most things turn out okay in the end, no matter how much we worry about the outcome. I try not to worry over things that I have no control over but occasionally things get the better of me and I end up giving myself grief and many sleepless nights. I think it’s something we all do and I think part of being a way to coping.

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