Summer — Fruit

exps121582_RDS2028401A11_29_3bCThis isn’t officially a recipe blog. It was just that I was trying to come up with something to blog about and I got this email with pictures of fruit recipe’s. Yes, they are advertising recipe’s, but it was like looking at a picture of summer. And, with this being June, the epitome of summer, I thought I’d share

When the kids were home, many many years ago, I had this fruit pizza I made. For that first year I made it for every occasion I could think of, and it was a favorite for potlucks. I’ve since lost the recipe, but with internet I’m not worried. Besides, now I tend to put my fruit in smoothies.

So some fruit history. Or as Jillian would say… “Fruit Facts.”

Each fruit has its own history so I am just taking a few of my favorites.

220px-Pokok_manggisMy favorite fruit is Mango. I recently tried a Mango Margarita with salt on the rim. OH MY GOSH so good.

Mangoes are native to southern Asia and India but today are also grown in Florida. If I lived in an area with the right weather I’d definitely plant one of these trees. I could write an entire blog on this fruit and may do it.

• Banana’s – just about the first fruit we feed babies and a staple around my house. I don’t like them too ripe. When they get that way I slice them, and put them in baggies to freeze for smoothies.

• Pineapple – Another favorite of mine. After having pineapples in Hawaii and bringing one back, I became a firm believer in fresh over canned. Or at least if I can get one like these were. Even though the exterior of this fruit is a bit formidable, they are considered a universal sigh of hospitality and friendship, and have been since they were first came to the Americas.

• Blueberries – I love every kind of berry and in everything you can possible put them in. I picked blueberries for this blog because it took me awhile to cultivate a taste for them. They were eaten by Native Americans (sometimes with meat) and were also used as a medicine.

I could keep going as there are so many fruits I deem my favorite. Maybe I will play with the fruit theme for a while. It’s fun to look up information on what I take for granted.


7 responses to “Summer — Fruit

  1. I love fruit. Especially this time of year. Raspberries are my favorite berry, but I, like you, have taught myself to like the rich in anti-oxidant blueberries. And, like you, I like my bananas firm and not too ripe. I’m not a huge mango fan, though. I’ve tried them a few times and haven’t wrapped my taste buds around them yet. That’s okay. Lots of fruit to pick from. 🙂

  2. Oh, yes raspberries. Their smell can’t be beat. Wasn’t that picture of the fruit pizza yummy looking. Certainly was an inspiration.

  3. Oh yum. That fruit pizza looks delicious! Berries are a favourite of mine, especially blueberries and raspberries. Apples, too. And mango. The only fruit I’m not too interested in is bananas, but have made myself eat them in the past because they are so good for you. A mouth-watering blog, Lavada!

  4. Bananas aren’t my favorite either. But if they aren’t too ripe it’s better and they do freeze well for smoothies. That picture grabbed me. It was mouth watering.

  5. OOOh Yeah!! You like the same fruits as I do. There is nothing like a fresh pineapple, is there? And blueberries are divine!

    I love that you used “fruit facts” – made me giggle. Jillian

  6. We’ll have to find some good stuff when you visit. Yeah, I liked the “fruit fact” too. After your Friday Facts I think along that line more.

  7. That’s it, it’s official – I’m now salivating (or is that dribbling). Fruit – love it. Had the pleasure of eating fresh mangoes for breakfast every day whilst in Barbados – we had a tree right outside our bedroom window! It also makes a fab ice-cream. Love bananas – the riper the better! Delicious grilled in their skins and eaten warm with a sprinkling of brown sugar. Don’t like tinned pineapple but fresh is something else – love it chopped into cottage cheese. Could live on berries and as for cherries – my favourite all time fruit – I can’t get enough of them. Yup, definitely dribbling now 🙂

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